Safe keeper wallet

Safe keeper wallet

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Wallet options used to be straightforward. A bifold, a trifold, or a clutch are all options. Leather or synthetic; more pockets or less pockets However, if you look through Sky Mall on your next flight, you’ll notice a new and potentially perplexing option: Blocking RFID. RFID-blocking wallets and sleeves, such as this one from Swiss Alpine and this one from Buxton, claim to do more than just organize your cards and cash. They claim to protect your personal information from cybercriminals. Is it true that they work and that they are required?
RFID-blocking wallets are intended to shield you from a specific form of electronic pickpocketing known as RFID skimming. Some credit cards, passports, and driver’s licenses also have embedded radio frequency identification chips, which is causing concern. These chips relay those types of information wirelessly when enabled by an RFID reader, allowing you to verify your identity or even make a purchase without swiping your card. The drawback is that anybody with an RFID reader can trigger those chips and read whatever data they’re supposed to transmit. They can even do it without your knowledge if they’re sly.

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We have wallets in a wide range of sizes. For your important cards, you can choose between a small wallet and a large (normal) wallet. We have everything you require. Our wallets come in a wide variety of colors. Black, brown, and cognac are the most common. However, some wallets come in exclusive colors.
We believe in safeguarding your personal belongings. Nowadays, we drive more and visit a variety of locations. It is important that you have your debit card, visa, and phone with you at all times. They assist you in your travels. That is why it is important for us to safeguard your valuables. We designed our products to work in the most ideal conditions. You won’t lose your wallet if you use it responsibly. You can pair our wallets with our safety chains.

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Our proprietary Safe Keeper RFID blocking technology is included in every Big Fat Wallet.

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An RFID-blocking wallet adds an additional layer of protection against anyone attempting to steal your personal information.

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With our RFID Safe Keeper, you can keep your RFID-enabled products and contactless credit cards safe.
This is the ideal wallet and wristlet for everyday commuters and travelers alike! It has a button snap closure to keep everything safe, including your passport and checkbook. Our privacy liner protects your details, including RFID-enabled passports and credit cards.

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