Safari montage quiz

Safari montage quiz

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TIP Resource Pages > Educational Video Resources > Granite School District > Educational Technology > TIP Resource Pages > Educational Video Resources > Montage SAFARI Notice: Granite’s service contract with SAFARI Montage expires at the end of the 2018-2019 school year, and the service will be discontinued after that.
Teachers and staff who have uploaded content to SAFARI Montage must download it before the school year ends in order to keep access to it. The following are the steps to take:
SAFARI Montage in UEN’s eMedia contains many of the same videos that teachers and students are used to seeing in SAFARI Montage. For assistance in using eMedia and other tools for instructional videos in the classroom, go to our Educational Video Resources page.
SAFARI Montage is a multimedia content management system and educational video library open to all Granite School District students and teachers. It offers tens of thousands of approved instructional videos that can be viewed in the classroom or at home. It also allows teachers to upload their own videos and other multimedia material to share or archive with their students.

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The educational video titles that come preloaded on the SAFARI Montage system have been hand-picked for their direct relevance to the curriculum. The titles included are from series that teachers use, enjoy, and admire, and have been hand-picked from the world’s finest educational publishers.
The titles in this package were hand-picked for their direct relevance to a 9–12 curriculum and were produced by premier instructional video publishers. Social Studies, Science, English Language Arts, Math, Health, and World Language Instruction are among the subjects covered. The Arts, among other things. Each title is aligned with Common Core and State Standards, and provides comprehensive, structured metadata to help teachers locate the clips they need. Every video title is divided into chapters and main principles, and several of them contain a quiz. Closed captioning, a teacher’s guide, and a Spanish language track are all included in Schlessinger Media names.
Algebra’scool is a dynamic teaching method that covers a full year of Algebra I instruction and was created by educators for educators. Algebra’scool is a fantastic resource for supporting STEM curricula.

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Khan Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to Khan Academy is a free online resource for students of all ages that focuses on math, science, and engineering, as well as computing, the arts and humanities, economics and finance, test preparation, college, and careers. Via a college readiness agreement with College Board, it acts as the official SAT practice resource.
Reading Counts/Inventory Reading Students are encouraged to read for pleasure, with the intention of improving fluency. Students may use Reading Counts or take a quiz to assess their comprehension. Many books have quizzes available, but some books do not have a quiz. Reading Counts is an optional task for remote learning that will not be assessed. Identifier: (VCSC Lunch Number) Authentication code: (VCSC Lunch Number)

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Is “a structured education program through which a student learns at least in part through the online delivery of content and instruction, with some element of student control over time, place, direction, and/or speed, and at least in part at a supervised brick-and-mortar location away from home,” with “some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace.” Blended learning, as opposed to high-access settings, which merely provide students with computers, entails an intentional transition to online instructional delivery for a portion of the day to improve learning and organizational efficiency.
Make a Playlist that includes SAFARI Montage material as well as web links that students can use for independent research. You’ll have to make do with CreationStation. Have at least one quiz to test comprehension.

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