Safari montage fulton county schools

Safari montage fulton county schools

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Learning Objectives-Learn how to use Safari Montage’s “View and Chat” function in your classroom to discuss and evaluate images. -Examine how to find videos using filters. -Review playlists that have already been made and learn more about playlist design. -Find out where you can get television and school channels. -Strategies Spotlight on Access Discovery Ed
1- Go to Safari Montage and log in with your Fulton County credentials.
-For the time being, stay on the Dashboard Screen.
2- Together, we’ll watch the first short film.
You’ll notice that the first video has been shortened from its original length.
3- In the Dashboard, go to “View and Chat” and enter the five-digit code that you see on the board.
4- Talk about five things you didn’t know before watching the videos.
(This is a Discovery Education Spotlight on Strategies strategy.)
5- Go to the quiz and look at the options that have already been created for this video.
6- To access the playlist via the Perma Connection, click this link. These links make it simple for students to access your playlists.
– Let’s put together a short playlist and find some videos to add to it.
8- To see television choices and access your school news, scroll down to N-DVR and choose “more.”
The training playlist contains all of the tools you’ll need to learn more about Safari Montage.
Other Information:
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In the second week of September, small classes of younger students (K-2) and those in special education programs will return for a limited period, one day a week. Remote work and remote instruction will receive further professional growth. APS pulled out of a decision to reopen schools in mid-October. She became ill. Plane Formation To provide input on the reopening of our schools, Fulton County Schools formed a committee of partners. The Reopening Plan for Fulton County in 2021. Students will attend either Independence or McClarin high schools, with online programs such as Edgenuity, Microsoft Teams, Illuminate, Class Link, and Safari Montage providing instruction. School lockers will be distributed upon request and will be spread out for social distancing purposes. The school district in Fulton County will begin Phase III of its reopening plan on Monday, with students attending school in… Reopening Plan for the District; 2020-2021 Back to school time has arrived. Kara joined Community Impact Newspaper as a summer intern for the south Houston office in June 2018 after graduating from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas, with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication.

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On the SAFARI Montage website, over half a million students in 20 Georgia school districts are now providing multimedia instruction. The Learning Object Repository, Video Streaming Library, and IPTV solutions are now in their second year of implementation, and the Digital Learning Platform will be introduced to teachers and students soon. For years, Forsyth County Schools has relied on SAFARI Montage to support their internationally acclaimed BYOT initiative. The SAFARI Montage platform has been used by Newton County Schools to monitor teachers’ use of digital cameras in the classroom for self-reflection and professional growth.
Hall County Schools’ LTI incorporation of the Learning Object Repository to host video on premises for their Canvas LMS is another creative use of SAFARI Montage. SAFARI Montage was used as the basis of a major digital transformation at Bibb County Schools, which now gives teachers and students access to digital services that were previously unavailable. Gwinnett County Schools recently purchased the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository and instructional video tools to strengthen their district-wide interoperability with their Learning Management System.

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Discover how Fulton County Schools is incorporating multiple technology resources and platforms to provide a seamless instructional experience by requiring interoperability across enterprise systems. Microsoft Teams’ integration with the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository aids in the achievement of these goals by facilitating access to high-quality video and other learning objects that are correlated to expectations. Learn more about the LOR’s ever-growing archive of digital content from a variety of publishers accessible to Fulton County Schools’ teachers and students, and how they’re using it to build interactive learning experiences in Microsoft Teams.

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