Rules for creating passwords include all of the following

Rules for creating passwords include all of the following

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It can be difficult to come up with strong passwords, particularly when the advice is to use a different password for each site you visit. If you had to build and memorize numerous passwords like Wt4e-79P-B13qS, you’d be frustrated.
As a result, you could be using the same password even though you know it’s risky and that if it’s hacked, all of your personal information on the internet will be revealed. Alternatively, you can use several passwords, but since they are all short simple words or contain numbers related to your life, they are always too easy to guess. Or, if you made passwords difficult to remember (likely because your company or a website pressured you to), you still keep a list of them next to your computer – despite the fact that you know this undermines your security if others use your computer.
Passwords that are difficult to recall are useless. Passwords that are too easy to recall, on the other hand, can be easily guessed or determined using a brute-force attack. The stakes are continuing to grow as practices such as personal banking and retirement transfer more and more online.

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If you’ve finished writing your manuscript, the How to apply section will walk you through the submission process, while the Peer review and publishing section will explain our editorial requirements and processes.
You may upload either a single PDF file with the manuscript text and any display objects, or separate files for text, figures, and tables. We strongly encourage writers to merge the manuscript text and figures into a single file, with the figures (and related captions) embedded within the text at the appropriate locations. In addition to the manuscript files, you should include a cover letter addressed to the editors as well as any additional documents.
If you intend to use double-blind peer review, make sure your manuscript is written in such a way that the names of all writers are hidden, and check the required box during online submission. When writing a double-blind peer review manuscript, we recommend that authors consult our double-blind peer review guidelines. Editors should not guarantee that the paper is properly anonymized; this is the responsibility of the authors.

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The BY password clause allows you to build a local user and states that the user must enter a password in order to access the database. Passwords will only include single-byte characters from your database character set, even though the character set also includes multibyte characters.
Set the default tablespace for objects created by the user. If this clause is not used, the user’s objects are stored in the database default tablespace. If the database’s default tablespace isn’t defined, the user’s objects are stored in the Device tablespace.
Default Tablespaces are constrained.
A user’s default tablespace cannot be a locally managed temporary tablespace, such as an undo tablespace, or a dictionary-managed temporary tablespace.
For the user’s temporary segments, specify the tablespace or tablespace category. If this clause is not defined, the user’s temporary segments are stored in the database default temporary tablespace or, if none is specified, the SYSTEM tablespace.

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A password, also known as a passcode, is a key that is memorized and normally consists of a string of characters that is used to verify a user’s identity.

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[two] The secret is memorized by a group named the claimant, whereas the party checking the claimant’s identity is called the verifier, according to the NIST Digital Identity Guidelines[3]. The verifier may infer the claimant’s identity when the claimant successfully demonstrates awareness of the password to the verifier via a defined authentication protocol[4].
A password is a random string of characters that may include letters, digits, or other symbols. The corresponding secret is often referred to as a personal identification number if the allowable characters are limited to numbers (PIN).
A password, despite its name, does not have to be a real word; in fact, a non-word (in the dictionary sense) can be more difficult to guess, which is a beneficial feature of passwords. A pass is a secret that is memorized and consists of a series of words or other text separated by spaces. In terms of use, a pass is equivalent to a password, except the former is typically longer for added protection. (5)

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