Rule34 public use

Rule34 public use

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I had an idea for a little rp thread for a less-used subject on here. An establishment where volunteers are stationed with their backs protruding from the walls for public viewing (willing or otherwise). You can roleplay as a customer or a girl/guy trapped in a wall. If you’re in the wall, you can either introduce yourself already in place and restrained, or you can introduce them while they’re getting into position. If you’re a client, you should come in and introduce yourself before entering. Since the situation is so free, if you see anyone you want to use, go ahead. Name-Gender-Physical Description-Name-Gender-Physical Description-Name-Gender-Physical Description-Name-G -Situation- is a word that can be used to describe a situation. (Please bear with me as this is my first attempt at anything like this.)
(Let’s get this party started)*
Vespra will be comfortably ensconced in her slot, with only her naked rear visible to the average customer. Her long black hair was left to hang off the back of the bed, parallel to her restrained arms, as she laid on her back on a bed-like item, her legs propped up and covered by straps to hold her ass properly spread for customers. Because of the way the place was set up, all of the ‘workers’ could see and potentially speak with one another, since they were just about 3 feet apart. **vespra had lost a deal with the owner of this establishment and owed her a significant sum of money as a result. That is, she was given the most humiliating way of repaying the loan, and she would be trapped there for a long time. She was dreading today because it was the first day of her long stint as a fleshlight*.

When do you use daratumumab with lenalidomide

Why aren’t the Aliass being approved? Are there any plans to get it back? The Alias framework is unusable because it was created without an undo feature, which makes it dangerous to use at this time. We’ll patch it eventually, but there’s no way of knowing when it will be because it’ll almost certainly need a new system.
41. I am not a robot, so please delete the captcha!
We have no plans to eliminate captcha at this time due to its relevance to the site; we also cannot introduce exceptions to captcha because it affects all, including staff; no one is or can be excluded.
Captcha is the only thing keeping us from being inundated with spam at levels we can’t handle; disabling it will jeopardize the site’s stability and survival.
All we can suggest is that it will stop asking for captcha in a fair period of time, and you will have to wait until then.
44.Can I report a picture so that a better one can be uploaded?
We will not delete the old image until the improved image or superior resolution image is uploaded, which is required. You can also upload a higher resolution or altered image first.

First mod for the r34! (do not use on public roads*)

Charles Stross’ novel Rule 34 is set in the near future.

Pokimane rule 34 is disturbing


When you use rule 34 #2

[two] It was released on July 5, 2011 (US) and July 7, 2011 (UK) as a loose sequel to Halting State (UK). 1st [three] The title is a play on the Internet meme Rule 34, which states: “If it exists, there is pornographic evidence of it. There are no exceptions.” 1st [4] Rule 34 was nominated for the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Best Science Fiction Novel in 2012[5] and the Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel in 2012. [number six]
The novel is told in the second person but primarily from the perspectives of three characters: Edinburgh police Inspector Kavanaugh, who investigates spammers murdered in gruesome and inventive ways and learns of similar cases in other parts of Europe; Anwar, a former identity thief who becomes Scottish honorary consul for a fictional state in Central Asia; and “The Toymaker,” an enforcer and organizer. The plot is guided by their relationships and conflicts.
The novel has received positive reviews, with Cory Doctorow describing it as “savvy, funny, viciously imaginative.”
[7] Kirkus Reviews gives it a five-star rating, calling it “dazzling, chilling, and brilliant,”[8] Publishers Weekly calls it “more than the sum of its parts,”[9], and The Guardian gave it a favorable review.

Tommyinnit needs your help (rule 34)

(iii) any other published non-patent literature that the International Searching Authorities agree on and that the International Bureau publishes in a list when decided upon for the first time and once updated.
I patents issued by France, the former Reichspatentamt of Germany, Japan, the former Soviet Union, Switzerland (in the French and German languages only), the United Kingdom, and the United States of America in and after 1920; (vi) patents issued by, and patent applications published in, any other country after 1920 that are in the English, French, German, or Spanish language and in the English, French, German, or Spanish language and in the English, French, German, or Spanish language and in the English, French
(d) No International Searching Authority shall be obligated to keep all versions of an application in its documents if it is republished once (for example, an Offenlegungsschrift as an Auslegeschrift) or more than once; as a result, each such Authority shall be entitled to keep only one version. Furthermore, when an application is granted and a patent or utility certificate (France) is issued, no International Searching Authority is required to keep both the application and the patent or utility certificate (France) in its documentation; as a result, each such Authority is free to keep either the application or the patent or utility certificate (France) in its documentation.

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