Dd-wrt on asus rt-n66r instructions

– Due to overheating, it turns off and on at random. Overall, if you buy it, you’re taking a gamble. My recommendation is to move on to something more dependable. This review was beneficial to 3 out of 4 users. Did you do it? Yes, but the producer Reaction: Greetings, Robert
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and letting us know about your ASUS product experience. I’m sorry to hear about the technical problems you’ve had, and I apologize for any discomfort this has caused you. I’ll be happy to assist you if you email me directly at [email protected] I eagerly await your e-mail so that we can address your questions as quickly as possible.

Teardown: troubleshooting an asus rt-n66u router

I was recently advised to get a new router, so I purchased a used ASUS RT-N66R, as well as a new modem and a couple of wireless ethernet bridges. In addition, the seller tossed in some (apparently) costly and upgraded antennas. My signal is poor throughout the hall and downstairs, regardless of which antenna combination I use. I don’t believe it has anything to do with the router’s location, but it’s actually on my desk with the default antennas pointed straight up.
Is there anybody with any thoughts about how to boost the signal? I don’t want to spend money on repeaters, but I do have a couple of extra routers lying around that could be used as access points. I’m concerned that it won’t be realistic because they only download at 10 Mbps on average, while the RT-N66R gets me about 250 Mbps.
You will probably get some more n66r as soon as possible. They are reasonably priced as used. Back when they were appropriate, the n66 units were considered one of the best for coverage. For $50, you can get ac1200 models from tplink and asus.

Unboxing] asus rt n66r router

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Nextgenpc – asus rt-n66r dual-band wireless n900

All appears to be as intended. Except for one thing: in the web gui, I don’t see any CTF or NAT Acceleration (BCM NAT) settings. Nothing appears to be available in Advanced -> Miscellaneous. I tried running “modprobe bcm nat” from the command line, but it didn’t work. Since it’s a MIPS processor, it appears that the N66U supports hardware NAT acceleration using bcm nat; I’m not sure why my N66R doesn’t.
which tends to be applicable to both versions. There is an RT-N subfolder in the 2020.6 directory, with a special folder for RT-N66U, which has a file called RT-N5x-MIPSR2, which is a little confusing because the 5x in the name doesn’t match the directory it’s in.
The bcm nat appears after flashing this version. So, if the 2020.7 file is indeed for the RT-N66R/U, I assume there is an error somewhere. Will the 5x in the 2020.6 RT-N66U file be modified to 6x?

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