Roundtable online learning

Roundtable online learning

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In the best of times, facilitating inclusive and constructive class discussions is challenging. Building community and meaningful peer-to-peer engagement in distance / hybrid learning environments is even more difficult. Parlay was created to meet this challenge. This article provides a summary of eight different “structures” for promoting effective classroom discussions. The first five are for distance learning only. The last three choices are for mixed settings. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should give you a clear idea of “what is possible” when using Parlay’s toolkit in this new world. We recommend watching this video before reading this post if you’re unfamiliar with Parlay’s Online RoundTable and Live RoundTable discussion events.
The Online RoundTable can be used in a completely asynchronous context, which is the first and most obvious use-case for Parlay in distance learning.
The following is how it works:
At the beginning of the week, the teacher sets up a discussion prompt, generates the appropriate assignment in their LMS (Classroom, Canvas, etc. ), assigns a due date (usually 3-5 days later), and invites students to participate. Students use the next week to plan their responses and to comment on each other’s responses. Teachers close the RoundTable after the due date has passed, and then complete their reviews and evaluation.

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LMS Roundtable Online Learning Roundtable Online Learning LMS Roundtable Learning is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) for companies, organizations, and training practitioners in a range of industries. An e-commerce site, personalized reporting, and branding are all essential features.
Roundtable Learning aids companies in retaining information and subject matter skills for potential learners. Users can delegate learning modules to learners based on their job positions, which can then be accessed for learning and completing tasks on mobile or offline.
Roundtable Learning also helps users to generate and automate custom reports for monitoring and evaluating the success of learning programs. E-commerce features are also included in the solution, allowing us to… Continue reading Continue reading 1/5 View in complete Viewpoint of a student Supported Operating System(s) to View:

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KnowBase, a provider of online learning solutions, has changed its name to Roundtable Online Learning, which is effective immediately. The shift reflects the company’s transformation into a collaborative partner whose adaptable, respectful approach paves the way for highly engaging, reliable, and ROI-focused online learning outcomes.
The Roundtable logo reflects KnowBase’s future selves because its circular form emphasizes one of the company’s core beliefs: people are at the heart of the learning equation, which is often ignored in online learning. Although technology is critical and essential, it is how people collaborate that transforms good results into great ones.
Roundtable Online Learning has launched a new website,, that provides easy access to information about online learning and a user experience that represents the company’s philosophy.
The company’s brand was reviewed by its new owner, Cleveland businessman Dan Grajzl, who founded Park Place International and Park Place Technologies. Mr. Grajzl is quick to point out that the company’s best features remain unchanged, saying, “We have an outstanding client retention rate because of our emphasis on quality products and customer service.” Roundtable should provide clients with the online learning solutions they need in a manner that they value.”

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We work with our clients at Roundtable Learning to generate meaningful business benefits at any level of the employee lifecycle. We do so by working with clients to develop technology-enhanced, blended learning solutions that fill the gap between current training methods and the future of learning. Roundtable develops a range of personalized training solutions, including AR/VR, eLearning, video learning, ILT, and others.
Our team of instructional and graphic designers, learning advisors, authors, multimedia experts, and developers collaborate to provide our clients with effective learning solutions. We not only assist companies in supplementing their existing L&D teams, but we also assist them in innovating and pushing forward with their learning initiatives.

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