Ross google maps

Ross google maps

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If you have a passenger or a crib, make sure you download maps ahead of time; otherwise, you will be defeated by areas with no phone signal. If you have the maps downloaded, GPS can work even if you don’t have access to a phone signal.
From Inverness to Poolewe takes about 2 hours, but it’s simple to navigate: A9 north to Tore roundabout, follow signs for Ullapool, one more roundabout, again go for Ullapool, then turn left just after Garve, one more roundabout at Achnasheen, via Kinlochewe and Gairloch (no junctions), and that’s it. Take pleasure in the journey.

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There were 48,308 transports in total. In less than 16% of the time, street network forecasts of travel time were within 5 minutes of actual travel time. Actual travel times were longer during daylight and rush-hour intervals, but were cut in half when lights and sirens were used. Transport time was not significantly influenced by age under 18, gender, wet weather, or trauma system entry. In 73 percent of cases, our model correctly estimated arrival time within 5 minutes. The precision of lights and sirens transports was within 5 minutes 77% of the time. In the validation dataset, accuracy was equal. For transports under 8.8 minutes, lights and sirens saved an average of 3.1 minutes, and 5.3 minutes for longer transports.

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Why research ancient, long-gone ice streams? | Prince Gustav Ice Stream | Living on James Ross Island | What did we find? Reconstructing ice stream shifts in Antarctica | Why study ancient, long-gone ice streams? | Ice-sheet transition in a dynamic environment | More reading | References | Comments |
After Davies et al., 2012, a map of the Antarctic Peninsula was developed (Quaternary Science Reviews). The northernmost point of the Antarctic Peninsula is James Ross Island. The prevailing ocean currents are depicted in the inset.
We must look to the past to understand this, especially to another recent time of rapid climatic change. The Last Glacial-Interglacial Change, a period of rapid warming similar to today’s, is especially important.
Our research on James Ross Island, in the northern Antarctic Peninsula, shows how the Antarctic Peninsula Ice Sheet formed during the Last Glacial-Interglacial Transition, from a larger, colder, slower-moving ice sheet about 18,000 years ago to a smaller, warmer, more active ice sheet drained by fast-flowing ice streams about 12,000 years ago.

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