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Ringcentral call forwarding

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Call forwarding and simultaneous ringing may be set up to ensure that calls are not skipped. Setting up forwarding rules allows you to forward incoming calls. Call forwarding options are only available if the company is set up to accommodate them. Contact your organization’s technical support team if you’re not sure which Skype for Business features are activated.
You can forward calls to another number or contact if call forwarding options are enabled. Since calls can be redirected to your current location, call forwarding is particularly useful if you’re traveling or working from home. Calls will be automatically redirected to a coworker if you’re out of the office.
People on the go will appreciate the simultaneous ring alternative. When you get a call, two phone numbers ring at the same time. In case you’re busy or unavailable, you can set your incoming calls to ring both your mobile device and another number or address.
Call forwarding is commonly used to forward calls to voice mail or to a phone number other than your cell phone number. All incoming calls are automatically forwarded to the destination you choose when you set call forwarding settings in Skype for Business.

Call handling and forwarding


Set up call forwarding as a user

TRADITIONAL WIRELESS PHONETrustworthy and traditional wired phones.

Forwarding calls to your non-ringcentral voicemail for

MOBILESMobile phones that are both shiny and multifunctional (iOS or Android devices).

Configuring your extension’s call handling & forwarding


How to forward calls to your ringcentral number

Carrier Call Forwarding Instructions for Virtual PBX
Each extension comes with three pre-labeled forwarding number slots for the user’s non-RingCentral Work, Home, or Mobile phone numbers by default. In the appropriate slot, enter the user’s non-RingCentral forwarding number, and turn the Active switch On to activate it.
NOTE: Up to ten non-RingCentral forwarding numbers can be added. RingCentral has pre-labeled the first three slots as Home, Work, and Mobile. Follow the steps below to add 4 to 10 non-RingCentral forwarding numbers or a non-RingCentral forwarding number with a personalized label:

Forwarding calls from an external phone number to your

Today, I was setting up a new RingCentral call forwarding extension for a client, a very basic configuration in which the lone extension was to forward to a land line. And it wasn’t working at all. We’d dial RingCentral’s main phone number, and it would just ring and ring, but the call would never reach the land line.
For “Direct calls,” there is a segment called “Play announcement before connecting” in the window that button opens.
The default setting is “For non-RingCentral phones only,” but for this case, it should be “Never.”

Call forwarding/handling – ringcentral tutorial

2. Select Call Handling & Forwarding from the drop-down menu.

Call handling and forwarding overview

3. Configure how you want RingCentral to manage your incoming calls under User Hours > Incoming Calls Forward in this Order. You can select how incoming calls are forwarded to multiple forwarding numbers if you have multiple forwarding numbers. Simultaneously or sequentially, forwarding numbers can ring (one at a time). 4. Even though you choose simultaneous ringing, your RingCentral Desktop & Mobile Apps will still be the first to ring by default. You can uninstall Desktop & Mobile Apps from the forwarding numbers list by turning the Active Switch off (gray switch means the forwarding number is disabled) if you want your calls to be routed directly to your desk phones and other forwarding numbers. 5. There are three pre-labeled slots (Home, Mobile, and Work) that you can use to connect non-RingCentral numbers to your forwarding numbers list. You can also add 7 more slots with labels (Phone Name) by clicking the Add Call Forwarding Phone button. 6. To forward calls to another extension user’s phone, pick Forward to Other’s Phones from the kebab menu. On the pop-up tab, select the phones from the list and then press Done. 7. Decide how many times each phone and forwarding number on the list can ring. One ring is roughly equivalent to five (5) seconds. 8. Save the file.

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