Retro computer case

Retro computer case

Old beige desktop pc cases selling for $200?!

Origin has released a new limited edition PC with the guts of a new model but the appearance of a system from the 1990s, complete with a phony floppy drive. Perhaps while you wait for Red Dead Redemption to load, you’d like some nostalgia.
For $2,080, the RestoMod comes with a custom Corsair 4000D shell, 16GB of memory, a 2.9 GHz Core i5 processor, 250GB of storage, and a 6GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card. The RetroMod can be customized as desired, according to Origin, but there are only 50 of them available, so quantities are small.
The RestoMod PC has a custom look inspired by PCs from the 1990s thanks to a custom HD UV print on the steel front panel. The buttons and drives are purely decorative, but you can still imagine that pressing the Turbo button gives you a performance boost. The RestoMod PC chassis has been painted in a similar beige color to complete the look, emphasizing how cases back in the day chose simplicity over color.
The fact that the Turbo button isn’t working is a little disappointing, but this PC is all about its image: old and a little dingy. Of course, for a limited run of just 50 computers, Origin should have sourced some genuine retro components, such as old disk drives, rather than what is basically a fun yet superficial paint job.

1999 retro gaming pc case build setup ep1 “voodoo pc

So, to cut a long story short, I’ll be putting together a semi-retro PC for WinXP 32bit gaming (games from 1998 to like 2007 or so). I already had some MISB hardware with XP driver compatibility (such as a 775 supermicro mobo + E8400 and a gt730) for the majority of the components.
The point is that I want to make it a whole new build with all new components. I’ve been on the lookout for a new ATX case that bears even a passing similarity to the white/beige no-airflow cases from the late 1990s. (pic attached) – but there is no such thing in my world (Poland).
I’ve seen a couple of newer Antec cases with the same style. Some are a little more modern, but they all have the same 5.25″ and/or 3.5″ bay design scheme. However, plain white or black will most likely be the only color options; I haven’t seen anything in the old beige color in over 15 years.
There are plenty of white PC cases available, but none that look truly retro. And, like you, I’ve never seen anyone selling new beige retro cases like the ones you’re looking for. You may be forced to search on eBay for a really clean oldie. As an example

Chenming / chieftec dragon retro classic case

Michael Morgan refers to his Retro PC Gaming Room as his “Time Tunnel.” It transports him to the golden age of 386 and 486 chipsets, Voodoo 3D Graphics Cards, Pentium 1s, and AMD Athlon Thunderbird Desktop PCs in the mid-to-late 1990s.
Do you recall these well-known PC games from 1998?
Half-Life 2 and Grim Fandango
Thief: The Dark Project3, Baldur’s Gate 4, Railroad Tycoon 5, Starcraft 6, Myth II: Soulblighter 7, Shogo: Mobile Armor Division 8, Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
Falcon 4.0, Fallout 210, Fallout 210, Fallout 210, Fallout 210, Fall
Can you recall the low-cost E-machine desktop computers? Right now, retro and “sleeper” gaming PC builds and case mods are common. Here are some fantastic examples we discovered. Original vintage desktop PCs from the Pentium and 286, 386, and 486 chipset era are also available.
The first is a throwback to 1998, complete with retail stickers. Nick Burp created this one-of-a-kind development. The case is a 1998 E-tower 566 MHz. The latest hardware includes an Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti GPU and Intel 130W Xeon E5-2667 v2 cpu. What a difference that made for PC gaming in 1998!

Ep4 retro gaming pc build series “case badge mod & beige

The addition of an adapter that allows you to use an SD-card as a hard drive has taken a lot of time and effort to turn this old machine into an excellent system for DOS/Windows retro gaming.
This freshly assembled/restored Windows is up for grabs. 350 dollars 19/03/2021 Mont Albert, VIC Retro Gaming, Lowboy Arcade Console 10,000 residents or more (24in or 32in Screen) A New Look Lowboy Type Arcade Computer, 24″ or 32″ Screen, Made to Order (3-7days build time).
1 x DE10-Nano main board – Includes power supply and bundled accessories 1 IO-Board V6.0 with 5V super silent Noctua fan and SNAC ready – designed to my exacting standards and in compliance with Alexey Melnikov’s V6. 650 dollars 04/02/2021 Gateshead, NSW Pentium 2.8GHz 4GB RAM 17″ LCD PC Desktop System Available for purchase
Clean install and activation of Windows Vista Business 32-bit Ideal for someone who wants to run retro games, computers, or programs that aren’t compatible with Windows 10. $50Salter Point, WA, January 13, 2021 REDUCTION IN PRICE Aluminum Machine Case in the Retro Style Computer case made of vintage aluminum. Model from the early 1980s is difficult to come by.

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