Restart firefox addon

Restart firefox addon

How to refresh firefox reset add-ons and settings tutorial

I was able to get the “close all tabs” addon to work, but none of the others that I tried were successful (the “restart” including). On my Firefox v.55.0.2, I’ve also tried the “bookmarks button” and “menu button” addons, but none of them work. Despite the fact that the addon was installed without error, the button does not appear in the selection menu. The problem was not resolved by creating a completely new profile with no other addons installed. Perhaps there is a way out. In any case, thank you for your excellent work!
This broke in Firefox 55, and I’m not going to try to repair it because changes in Firefox 57 will make this extension unusable right now. I’m trying to update as many of my extensions as possible as soon as possible. However, some of them (including this one) do not work with the WebExtensions API.

How to reset firefox? how to restart or refresh mozilla firefox

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Memory Restart is an open-source Firefox add-on that allows you to restart Firefox quickly if it runs out of memory. The memory use can be seen in the add-on bar or the toolbar tooltip for Firefox users. The add-on bar monitor and the toolbar icon will turn red if memory use exceeds a certain level.

Tutorial for how to restart mozilla firefox with add-ons

I have a Firefox Jetpack Add-on-SDK based extension that isn’t installed well – after reinstalling it, some old XPCOM components are stuck in memory, and it won’t register new ones. As a result, I need to force a browser restart when an extension is updated or installed. I know that older versions do this by default, but this one does not require restarting.
If you want to mark your Add-on SDK extension as non-restartless, I believe you’re pretty much out of luck. The Add-on SDK creates a restartless extension that meets the standard restartless startup procedures. So, when you make an Add-on SDK add-on, you’re basically making a restartless add-on that’s bundled in the Add-on SDK.
You can show the user a dialog/panel (MDN add-on SDK panel API) informing them that a restart is needed for your add-on to work and giving them the option to restart right away or wait. See How to Make a Dialog with the Addon SDK.
Adjust Profile’s Window Icons, one of my add-ons, needs a restart in order for changes to take full effect (not restarting only results in partial effect). I notify the user of this requirement and give them the option to fulfill it from the options dialog. The following is the dialogue:

How to enable or disable mozilla firefox addons

This extension was immensely helpful to me. So I made a restartFox extension that does the same thing and is compatible with current versions of Firefox/Developer/Nightly.
I’ve used it a lot, but it’s no longer sponsored. Thank you to the writing team – that was a great example of how to write something easy yet meaningful. All can now press SHIFT+F2, then type “restart”+ENTER.
I would have offered this add-on 5 stars without hesitation two years ago, when it performed flawlessly!
If an add-on no longer works with any recent versions of Firefox and NONE of the documentation on the add-on page shows that it is no longer being revised, it is only worth two stars! I’d usually award the add-on one star because both the Add-on Home Page and Support Site are dead links, but this was a nice, easy extension when it worked, so I can’t give it such a low rating. It’s past time for AMO to start cleaning up the add-ons that are no longer being actively created and archiving them. Many of us searching for CURRENT add-ons are finding it increasingly difficult to locate them among the dead ones! Erik, thank you for the memories!

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