Relay me sms via email

Relay me sms via email

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My message to an iPhone recipient was sent via SMS recently, probably because one of us couldn’t link to iMessage. However, instead of sending the text message to the recipient’s phone number, my iPhone sent it to their email address:
Other contacts have a phone number in the Text Message field in Messages, but a few have two Text Message fields, one with a phone number and the other with an email address, which I reviewed. Messages sent via email is the first time I’ve seen it. Is there a way to remedy this?
Messages and iMessage, on the other hand, have no way of knowing what a telco does after an SMS is sent, because even though SMS-email relaying is taking place, imessage/messages has no way of knowing or influencing it.

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Relay ME resends your messages to the email address you specify as soon as they arrive. If it’s up to date, you’ll be able to respond to texts from the inbox of your electronic mail. The shipping is always free, and the advertising is always free.
This application was created with the security and privacy of its users in mind. Your texts will only be sent through your own email connection, not through a third-party server. However, the issue is that you’ll need to have your own email address, whether it’s a free GMail account or another SMTP/IMAP support account (Yahoo, Live o su propio servidor). We are unable to access your posts. Furthermore, the responses function whenever and wherever your phone is switched on and linked to the Internet. This means that if your phone dies, your responses will be affected.
For example, instead of making backup copies of his texts, he works on new messages as they arrive and ignores the old ones. To send texts, you’ll need an Internet connection, and to respond, you’ll need to use your phone’s messaging capabilities, which means your operator will charge you for your responses. And, of course, your phone must be turned off!

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To authenticate your domain and begin sending, simply set up SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records. Our deliverability support team will be there to assist you in setting up, monitoring, and maintaining high deliverability rates.
You can add more comprehensive personalization and interactive content to your emails using our advanced Templating Language. To achieve even higher engagement rates, send the right content to each of your recipients.
Our multilingual support teams are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in English, French, Spanish, and German. To quickly resolve any technical problems or increase your deliverability, get answers to all of your questions.

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Good day, everybody!

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Is it possible to send SMS messages to all workers or students in an educational setting using the Office 365 platform, say in the event of an emergency? While I believe it is not possible natively, is there any addin built on top of O365 that can provide this service? The concept is to store the user’s mobile number in an active directory attribute and use it to send warnings in the event of an emergency. Webmail alerts only operate for the United States, Canada, and Romania, not for other nations, so users in France are out of luck. Thank you for any comments or suggestions.
Hello, Sajid. Please investigate the Office store add-in: From a SharePoint List, you can send SMS to all SharePoint Site users.
Is it possible to get SMS for Office (SMS via SharePoint)? Will there be any extra costs associated with having it added as a SharePoint addon? I found that a third-party SMS service is available for a fee; is this it?

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