Reject list samsung

Reject list samsung

How to remove number from block list in samsung duos

Hello everybody! My Samsung S9 keeps refusing all calls from a contact in my phone book; he claims it rings once, then bleeps twice before cutting off; however, he can call me ok on WhatsApp. I’ve tried removing him from my contacts and all call history associated with his phone number, but it’s still happening. Is there someone who can assist me? T.I.A. stands for “Time Is Alive.” Ron is a man with many talents.
It appears that you have unintentionally blocked his phone number.
If the number appears in your call list, long press it and select unblock, or save it and go into edit the contact to unblock it.
Simply open your contacts and go to the settings menu. Examine your list of blocked or auto-rejected emails. It’s possible that his phone number will be included. Similarly, open messages, then go to settings and search the reject list. That way, he should be able to receive both calls and texts.
Thank you for your ideas.
I’ve tried all you’ve suggested, like checking to see if I’ve unintentionally blocked him in calls and texts, deleting him from all contacts and all call history from his number, and then saving him as a New Contact, but it’s still happening.
I can’t find an auto reject option, and if I long press on his number in the call log, all I get is the delete option.
Is there anything else I could try?
Best regards,
Ron is a man with many talents.

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How to add or remove contact from reject list on samsung

Are you tired of receiving unwelcome phone calls from obnoxious telemarketers or your obstinate ex? When it comes to stopping people from calling you on a Samsung Galaxy S4, you have a lot of choices. You can block individual and groups of numbers to your heart’s content, ranging from unknown numbers to those that begin with unique area codes. Here’s how to do it. Cherlynn Low (@cherlynnlow) Simply repeat steps 4–6 to block further numbers. If you like, you can even reject numbers from whole cities. Simply enter the region’s area code in Step 5, then select Starts With from the Match Criteria drop-down menu below the number field. This feature works for US numbers whether or not you add a “+1” before the area code. From your contacts tab or call logs, you can also add numbers to your reject list. Select Add To Reject List after long-pressing the amount you want to block. You can block up to 100 numbers, and those marked as “Starts With” are counted as one number. When the irritant attempts to contact you, they will hear one ring followed by a disconnection tone. The call will not be shown on your computer, but blocked calls will appear in your call logs, indicating that your S4 is working hard to keep irritants at bay. To indicate that it was refused, a blocked symbol appears below the number.

Remove phone number from reject all keypad samsung

We all get unsolicited calls, so learning how to manage incoming calls is important. There’s plenty of built-in (and third-party) features on the Android platform to make the task a little easier.
The issue is that features aren’t always compatible between Android hemispheres. Some releases have a greater number of features than others. With that in mind, let’s look at how to handle call rejection on both older (such as Android 2.2) and newer Android versions (such as 2.3.4). The AT&T-branded Samsung Captivate and the Verizon-branded Droid Bionic will be included in this demonstration.
Let’s start with the older Samsung Captivate. Surprisingly, this is the system with the ability to refuse calls and add callers to a blacklist. Caller rejection can be divided into two categories:
The first type essentially adds the caller to a do-not-call list, while the second type tells the caller that you are unable to take the call (for whatever reason you announce with the text). This is how each approach is done.

Remove phone number from reject all keypad samsung

Want to get rid of the auto-reject call feature on your Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, Pro, or NXT? On the Samsung J7/J5, here’s how to get rid of the call reject list. Auto reject mode, auto rejects list, and rejection messages settings are all available in the Galaxy J7 call rejection settings. When you add an email or a mobile number to the reject list, it will be blocked automatically.
On Samsung Galaxy J7/J5 devices, you can easily add or delete contacts from the reject list. The settings on each Android device are slightly different. On the most recent Android phone, you can only see block number settings. To delete the call reject list from your Samsung J7/J7 Prime/J5 computer, follow the steps outlined below.
That’s what there is to it. I hope this solution to delete the call reject list from your Samsung J7 worked for you. If you know of any other tricks, please share them in the comments section below. Check out our other Android tutorials as well.

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