Reddit score hidden why

Reddit score hidden why

How to build reddit karma quickly

Is there anybody out there who reads Reddit? If so, you’re aware of how addictive, enjoyable, and challenging building connection karma can be. As a long-time Reddit user, I’ve developed a range of personal strategies and “secrets” for generating connection karma on demand. “Why bother with anything as meaningless as connection karma?” some of you might wonder. If you’re asking that, then I recommend that you explore the wonderful world of Reddit and all of its subreddits.
If, on the other hand, you’re a Reddit junkie looking for a karma fix, the methods mentioned below should help your link karma numbers skyrocket. I strongly advise you to read the entire article because I discuss aspects of each approach that are relevant to the other methods I discuss.
The first approach I’ll go through is one that serves as a basis for the rest of the methods in this article. As a result, I’m going to start with you Redditors who have been around for a while and have a lot of popular posts. Simply go back to your earliest Reddit posts (mine date back a little over two years) and work your way forward, reusing/repurposing your material as you go. Isn’t it deceptively simple?

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Reddit’s voting system is called Karma. On the front page, you’ll see the posts with the most karma. Reddit also keeps track of how much karma each user has accrued. We’ll guide you through how Reddit karma works and how to win it.
Upvote and downvote buttons are located next to each Reddit post or message. You may offer the post positive or negative karma by clicking one of these. Positive karma raises the amount of points awarded to a message, whereas negative karma lowers it.
Karma is used by Reddit to offer users the best possible content. Upvoted comments and articles with a lot of points climb to the top of the list, gaining even more publicity and upvotes. Posts that have received a low number of votes are pushed to the bottom of the thread. If a post receives enough downvotes, it will eventually become secret, and you will have to click to reveal it.
On each Redditor’s profile, you can see their total karma. This karma is split into two categories: post karma, which includes all of the threads they’ve started, and message karma, which includes all of the comments they’ve made on existing threads.

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Digg, which launched in late 2004, popularized this form of voting system. Soon after, in 2005, Reddit appeared, and the two became rivals. But it is the culture that really distinguishes Reddit today. The quality of content that is respected, the dialogue that surrounds it, and the care with which users vet and build on important topics are unrivaled. As a consequence, the front page is generally packed with items that will make you think, laugh out loud, and inspire you to learn more.
That’s fine. Just go there and spend some time. At the very least, visit the web once a day — more if you just want to see how content changes. Not only can you look at the outbound connections, but you should also look at the comment threads to see what people are talking about.
Reddit is a very self-referential site. If you see anything that doesn’t make sense, it’s most likely referencing Reddit culture (a previous article, a meme, or anything else that’s common on the site). In certain cases, the reference point can be found in the comments. Other users who are looking for clarity will upvote commenters who provide it, pushing the importance to the top of the thread.

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The website boldly proclaims that Reddit is “the front page of the internet.” No matter how obscure the material is, it is normally discovered and shared across the Reddit pages by one or more Redditors. Although the content on Reddit is generally of high quality, you may come across one or two topics that do not sit well with you at the time of viewing. For those times when you don’t want to see anything, Reddit allows you to hide posts so you don’t see them again.
Given how fickle the human mind is, it’s not unnatural to go back and search for the same article you had hidden previously. Learning how to unhide is just as crucial as knowing how to resolve those stressful moments. And that’s just what we’re concentrating on today. Let’s get started without further ado.
Hide a post to make it vanish from the website or app for you if you find a taste distasteful or something else. It should be remembered that hiding a post only hides it from you, not from other users. If you think the post is offensive or violates community values in some way, please report it to Reddit.

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