Red x figure

Red x figure

Teen titans go! 2.75′ action figures w/ starfire speedy robin

Red X was initially conceived as a cover identity by Robin in order to get closer to Slade. Robin approached Professor Chang for the necessary things – especially Zynothium to use as a power source – to produce the Red X suit and, posing as a ruthless master thief, Robin stole several computer chips that Slade was after and offered them with a proposition to form a partnership between the two.
However, Robin’s hurry in attempting to get too close to Slade inadvertently disclosed his identity, and he decided not to tell his teammates about his plans because he was afraid they wouldn’t play their parts convincingly if he did. Slade finally disclosed his knowledge of Robin’s identity, and although Robin was able to recover the chips, Slade was able to elude him once more. Robin was back to square one, with one more move backwards: he had lost his friends’ confidence.
The suit, however, was stolen from the vault some time later by an unknown third-party who wanted to use it for his own selfish purposes. Red X stole a handgun-like scanner that he could use to find the Zynothium Ore in the suit’s power belt, which was nearly depleted. Robin “coerced” Professor Chang into disclosing the most likely place where Red X could get more Zynothium, a highly-secured tech company in the city’s south end that has a generous supply of Zynothium stored in their vault, since he didn’t know where to look for him and Chang’s supplier had skipped town. Professor Chang’s henchmen were pursuing Red X and the Teen Titans (minus Cyborg). Chang himself intended to steal the Zynothium to power a massive disintegrator cannon of his own design, and in order to avoid intervention from Robin, he kidnapped and held the other Titans hostage.

Robin as red x bam exclusive funko pop figure

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With the Teen Titans Go Action Figure 2-Packs, you can spring into action! Robin invented and used his own villain character, Red X, in order to infiltrate the H.I.V.E. Tower and stop the H.I.V.E. Five from carrying out their evil plans. Bring home this 2.75″ scale Red X as well as the H.I.V.E. Console, which are both suitable for Teen Tower games (playset sold separately).

Teen titans go! red x action figure set

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Teeny titans – unlock beast boy l red x character – ios

Robin as Red X Pop! from Teen Titans Go! Figure made of vinyl Comes straight from Jump City. The new wave of Teen Titans Go! Pop! figures from Funko is here! Vinyl Figures! Teen Titans Go! is an animated series that follows the exploits of the young Titans in Jump City when they aren’t saving the world and living together as teenagers without adult interference. This Pop! portrays the group’s leader, Robin, who is the only Giant without superpowers other than the ability to transform people into leprechauns like himself. He’s dressed as Red X here. Now is the time to add him to your Funko collection!

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