Records we cant display your dns information because your nameservers arent managed by us.

Records we cant display your dns information because your nameservers arent managed by us.

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Greetings, @eobelk. It is a common misconception that the nameservers must be provided by the hosting company. 1 Go to your web host’s website (where you keep your new website files). 2 Create a new domain and point it to the old domain you want to switch (this will setup your hosting to start receiving requests from that domain – vHosts). 3 Set your nameservers as default in your domain management (registrar, not hosting). 4 When I go to change my DNS it shows me this message when I go to add or edit my DNS records to make sure that @ points to your new hosting’s IP. Since your nameservers are not controlled by us, we are unable to show your DNS information. Thanks for your answer, I’m not sure how to fix this because it’s causing me a lot of problems.

How do i change my dns records on godaddy?

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On our network, we host the name servers for our domain. Bind/named is what we use. Let’s use the domain as an example. One thing I’ve recently found is that when I go to a website like and run queries on URLs identified on our name servers, I see changes almost immediately.
Our DNS servers went down for a brief time earlier this week, confirming my suspicions. And if I used to query or any of its subdomains during that time, I would get zero results. The DNS servers were obviously unavailable and could not be reached.
As a result, I’ve arrived at my question. Changes to our DNS servers, I reasoned, can propagate to other DNS servers on the internet. Other servers on the internet will still know what IP address points to if our DNS goes down for a while.
Your DNS records don’t seem to be propagating. Your DNS records and zones are not duplicated on any other DNS server. A DNS client or server can store information about your DNS records or zones in their DNS cache (based on DNS queries of your DNS records or zones). This information is briefly cached, and when the TTL expires, it will be deleted from their DNS cache.

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Keep in mind that resetting your nameservers can result in the loss of any customized settings you’ve made for your emails or SSL verifications. If none of these are a problem, you can simply select “default” to restore the DNS settings to their original state. The information in the following article may be useful in a variety of circumstances.
Good day, guys!
My Nameservers are currently set to normal.
However, this message has not been removed from my Manage DNS after 15 minutes. “We can’t show your DNS information because your nameservers aren’t handled by us.”
What can be done about it?
Thank you very much in advance.

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