Record label website design

Record label website design

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Your website is an important part of your marketing plan, whether you’re a well-established label or you’ve just signed your first band. It’s an online hub where fans, industry experts, and the press can learn about and communicate with your artists.
A mailing list signup form is something else you can have on your homepage. To motivate visitors to sign up, include a reward such as a free download of an exclusive album. You can then send out email notifications about your label, new album releases, and upcoming tour dates for your artists.
Each artist you represent should have a picture, or an image plus text, on the Artists page. Your roster will be visually indexed as a result of this. Every picture should lead to a sub-page with details about the artist. From your main Artists tab, you can also list each artist in a drop-down menu.
These sales are recorded to SoundScan if you use our built-in Music feature to add albums. Our Bandcamp integration also allows you to easily add music from all of your artists without having to re-upload their entire catalog.

Ep.30 : design a record label logo #dailylogochallenge

The best record label websites use a basic design of artist pages that rotate out featured music and news. Choose a few complementary colors, consider the text and page layout, and you’ll be good to go.
Easy is crucial when it comes to designing the record label’s website. The material would stand out on a website with only a couple of coordinated colors. Select a record label website template and customize it to suit your label’s personality.
Assume you are a new user to your website. What would you like to find and do if you had limitless time? With that in mind, create a list of the most valuable information you’d like to have on your homepage. Place your text and music players, and use photos to break up the content field.
Morla Records is a perfect example of a record label website. With an animated header picture that morphs from fascinating shapes into their logo, their website immediately captures your attention. Their homepage is well-organized, with a simple menu, as well as recent news and new music from their artists.

What makes a good music website: strong

A website is a must-have tool for all Record Labels, Bands, and Artists who want to promote their brand, music, and talent. You can use your website to refer potential promoters, record labels, and fans to you.
You may have noticed that your website domain name and hosting package includes website building tools. Although this program is also very useful, it is normally restricted in terms of versatility, which limits your ability to promote yourself.
We will help you update your website or launch a new record label website project from the ground up. A custom content management system is used to create all of our websites. You can easily add or change your own details by going online and typing in a version of the website, then pressing update. You can change it as many times as you like if you are disappointed with the outcome.

How to start your own record label as an

One of the world’s oldest punk rock record labels approached us to update their online presence. We worked with the Epitaph team to create an informative platform that is unlike any other record label website in terms of meta data and functionality. Epitaph wanted a platform that mainly served as an aggregator for all of their artists’ content, both on the label’s website and on social media. Each column on the web is organized by category to give the user a consistent experience.
Epitaph has been around since 1982, and their discography is extensive. Users can scan their entire history for news stories, photographs, albums, and merchandise based on all of their past and present artists.
Epitaph’s artist pages had to appeal to two groups of users. The first are fans who want to listen to new releases, see merch, and find out about upcoming tour dates quickly. The press is the second form of consumer who requires easy access to the band’s bio, pictures, and logo. As a result, each artist has their own mini-site that serves as a one-stop shop for all relevant content, no matter what you’re looking for.

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