Recipe card images

Recipe card images

How to make fancy recipe cards using microsoft word

You’ve come to the right location if you want to learn how to print your own recipe cards. We describe the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods for printing your recipe cards in addition to offering a free recipe card prototype for Word and blank printable recipe cards. After you’ve downloaded a template, make sure to read the rest of the page for instructions on how to print your recipes.
The recipe card templates below are free to download, but they are only for personal use. You are free to print as many paper copies of your recipes as you want and share your printed recipe cards with others. Please link to this page from your website or blog if you like our recipe card templates.
Basic instructions for editing the recipe cards are included on each of the recipe templates above. Simply read the instructions and then substitute your own recipe for the text. Save the file with a descriptive filename after you’ve added your recipe. To make it easier to arrange and locate your recipe card files later, save them all in the same directory on your machine.

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A handwritten recipe has something unique about it, and these printable recipe cards will help you do it in style. You can write down some recipes and keep them for yourself on these recipe cards, or you can give them as gifts.
The easiest way to render these printable recipe cards is to print them on card stock. Others can be filled out before printing, while others must be handwritten after printing, so be sure to read the instructions on – site.
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Family recipe cards contain a lot of family memories, and we are probably the last generation to have them. You can share your memories by compiling them into a book with photos of your family, or you can try this fun tea towel project!
If you’re scanning a single 3×5 recipe, you’ll probably want to set your scanner to 600dpi (dots per inch) so that it remains crisp and transparent when enlarged to tea towel size. Having the original handwriting is so much fun! Enable for hemming if you’re working with a mixture of photos and text (I allowed for 1” all around). Save the image as a jpg format. Spoonflower has everything set up for you to easily upload your idea. For a designer discount, you’ll need to create an account (Yes!). Now you’re a designer!) On a yard of Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra ($27/yd before designer discount), use a focused repeat to make four tea towels. If you’re just doing one, a “fat fifth” will suffice. It will take about ten days for your fabric to arrive. They recommend washing it, so I did. I hand washed it to remove the sizing and then dried it. I didn’t want it to unravel too much. Then I ironed it and cut it into the four towels (with the 1” border”). I sewed up my first hem turn after ironing it. I’m very pleased with how they turned out. To make them for the rest of the family, I’ll order another three yards of fabric (12 more towels). I’ve already got an idea for my next one, which will feature original handwriting and a more straightforward style.

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