Questo in english

Questo in english

Questo & quello: italian demonstrative adjectives

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Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns: using questo and

During Act 1 of the opera, Don Giovanni’s servant Leporello sings it to Elvira.

Questo non è un film – english version

1st It consists of a summary and thorough count of his master’s various conquests, sung to an often light-hearted melody.
The aria’s two halves are written in the reverse order of cavatina and cabaletta: in the first, a fast Allegro in 4/4, Leporello has a patter summarizing the number and occupations of Don Giovanni’s lovers, while in the second, an Andante con moto in 3/4, in the style of a polonaise (with a melody similar to that of the Larghetto of Mozart’s earlier Quintet for Piano and Winds
A corresponding scene in which Don Giovanni’s servant expounds the catalogue of his master’s lovers had already appeared in many versions of Don Juan’s plot, in opera, theatre, and Commedia dell’arte: the most likely initiator was Andrea Cicognini’s version of Il convitato di pietra (The Stone Guest).
[three] The opera Don Giovanni, o sia Il convitato di pietra, composed by Giuseppe Gazzaniga to a libretto by Giovanni Bertati, was the most immediate forerunner (it premiered in 1787, just a few months before Mozart’s Don Giovanni). The aria in which Don Giovanni’s servant, Pasquariello, describes his master’s list of lovers to Donna Elvira in Gazzaniga’s opera begins: [number four] (5)

Don giovanni: ‘madamina, il catalogo è questo’ (the

It’s hard to imagine someone who hasn’t been moved and gradually lifted higher by the first Adagio (which the author has aptly accompanied with this description: Si deve suonare tutto questo pezzo delicatissimamente e senza sordino), and then moved so profoundly by the Presto agitato, and then lifted as high as one can be by piano.
He has prepared a model for the management of aviation safety in order to be more straightforward with regard to the CASO’s positioning and operating methods; it essentially consists of three overlapping circles, very much in the style of commonly used […]
Along this path, you can see the imposing Pontifical Canal and the Beccati Questo (Take This) and Beccati Quello (Take That) Towers, which mark the border between Tuscany and Umbria; also near the lakes of Chiusi and Montepulciano, you can enter the peaceful area and admire numerous types of birds and plants gruppoca from the huts and platforms provided by the “Oasi LIPU.”

A demonstration of italian accents and dialects (english and

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