Download a file from public ftp server – python

Is there a way to set up a regular cron job on a server that deletes all files (not folders) in the public ftp folder and all of its subfolders that are older than X days from today’s date to a given maximum depth level?
This implies that the directory you want to clean up is /path/to/folder/toclean; simply change the path/to/folder/toclean to your own name. The command find -mtime +5 -type f locates all files (-type f) that were last updated more than (+) 5 days ago, while -maxdepth 3 restricts the directory depth to be searched. The exec is the one who does the actual removing.

Setting up a public ftp server on an access point

Note: The File Manager is a software that allows users to access web files and directories in a user-friendly interface. This functionality, which can be found in the control panel of your Hosting Manager, uses a hierarchical or tree structure form of directory.
This means that your public ftp folder is used by the FTP server to store files from “anonymous” users. For public FTP pages, anonymous users or anonymous FTP logins are commonly used. This archive, however, has been deactivated and blocked for security reasons. If necessary, the folder can be removed.
If you want other users to handle your website files for you through your cPanel, you can build an FTP account as an alternative. Please contact us if you need any additional assistance or have any questions. We’d be delighted to assist!

Ftp configuration on server 2019 with user isolation option

I set up an ftp account for a user to access the public html folder, logged in with Filezilla, and double-checked that it was taking me to the correct directory, which it wasn’t. I double-checked the route and discovered that the public html folder had vanished, replaced by public ftp. Obviously, the web is no longer operational and the whole folder has vanished.
I’m pretty sure I didn’t uninstall anything, and apart from logging in with Filezilla, I didn’t do anything else on the ftp side of things. I contacted Hostgator, who said that they were unable to locate the archive. I’m wondering if there was anything that Hostgator help did unwittingly that triggered this.
Is there someone who has been through this or knows where I can look for the folder? The whole thing makes no sense to me; how could it have vanished when I’m certain nothing was deleted? I never gave anyone else access to the platform.
You can choose to remove an FTP account’s home folder when you delete it. If you uninstall an FTP account with public html as its home folder, you are effectively deleting the entire website. It’s possible that this isn’t exactly what happened in your case, but it’s likely something similar.

How to setup an ftp server in windows 10 – avoiderrors

I’ve been using FTP to upload files for a while now, and whenever I log in, I go straight to the www directory. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the root directory contains many folders, such as » public html – This is the root directory where you upload your web pages or files to make them viewable by web browsers, and you normally access the files by typing » The root directory for your anonymous FTP site is public ftp. This is where you upload/store your files so that users or you can download them instead of viewing them. Ftp:/ is the location of the files.

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