Private vaults near me

Private vaults near me

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What’s next, and what will it be? We are all unsure of what lies ahead, and we have little faith in our government, our banks, or our future. Consider if you can trust your bank to make decisions in your best interests. I’m not much of a “economic historian,” but a fast search of Bank Runs reveals that there have been a few frightening ones across history.
This is where the government can “freeze” some of your savings to help the bank stay afloat? Governments, you see, don’t want to BAIL OUT banks like they did the last time; instead, they want to use bank customers’ savings to keep the banks afloat…..yes, this is a Reality!
So, if this is anything that worries you, look no further!
Private Vaults Australia is a world-class, independent Safety Deposit Box facility that offers complete independence, unrivaled security, and complete peace of mind.
Your personal Safe Deposit box will protect you from natural disasters like fires and floods, as well as burglary and robbery…… and the bank-bail-in-law, which allows banks to restructure their resources in order to remain afloat by using your money.

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Secure Haven Private Vaults is the place to go if you’re worried about the protection and security of your valuables. We provide the most cost-effective alternative to a bank safe deposit box. Our private vault storage is SAFE, SECURE, and ANONYMOUS storage for all types of valuables, with access available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Your Safe Haven Vault will be accessible only by you. Advanced iris scans, as well as a pin code and special keys, are used. Your vault will be accessible only by you. To rent a vault, we don’t need a driver’s license or a social security number.
Customers have access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even if there is a power outage. In the event of a power outage, the Safe Haven facility has a backup power source. Generators start up to keep your valuables safe and secure. Safe Haven will continue to function even though the entire state of Utah lost control.
Our stable, safe facility was constructed from the ground up and is listed as Military-Grade. Security features include fortified steel walls, bulletproof glass, laser sensors, armed security personnel, biometric iris scanners, and much more.

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The Security Center Vault is the pinnacle of privacy and security.

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Our vault is owned and run by a private company. This means that you and your valuables are absolutely anonymous. The vault was constructed in the early twentieth century to house the United States Government’s gold, and the Security Center was built as a Federal Reserve Bank. The vault’s walls are three feet thick and lined with hardened steel. The vault’s only entrance is a 38-ton steel door with numerous variations and keys. Your safety deposit box is only accessible under dual key, needing your private key and our guard’s key when you lock your valuables at The Security Center. Boxes for Safekeeping Dual-keyed safe deposit boxes and lockers, ranging in size from 2″x5″x24″ to 4.5’x5’x8′, are located in the private and protected vault. Keep jewelry and other valuables, such as silverware, paintings, and coin collections, secured. We specialize in gold and silver bullion and coins storage. Your valuables will be protected and preserved in our climate-controlled vault. The vault is open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

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We are running on a complete, regular schedule as of Saturday, July 11, 2020. (9am – 6pm EST, Monday through Saturday). During regular operating hours, appointments are no longer needed. Our 24-Hour Emergency Access service will remain available (by appointment only), with appointments needed at least three hours in advance.
Commonwealth Vault & Safe Deposit Co., based in Loudoun County, Virginia, is an independent, ultra-secure storage facility. In the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Greater Washington, DC metropolitan area, we are the only private vault facility of our kind. Inside our warehouse, we rent out private safe deposit boxes, personalized storage lockers, and mini-vaults. We take a different path to a bank system deposit box or storage unit, where people can store valuables in the safest possible way. We’re proud to have ultra-secure storage that’s safer than your home and more advanced than your bank.
All of our private safe deposit boxes and storage units are housed in a reinforced steel vault that meets or exceeds government and Federal Reserve security requirements, and our facility has added additional levels of cutting-edge security to protect your most valuable belongings (to learn more view our facility page). We rent boxes, lockers, and mini-vaults in a number of sizes, including those that aren’t usually accessible at a local financial institution or storage company. We also provide our customers with “concierge-style” 24-hour access to their storage rooms, allowing them to access their belongings anytime they need it.

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