Private internet access mac os sierra

Private internet access mac os sierra

How to setup a internet network connection in mac® os x

On two Macs, I have PIA (Private Internet Access) enabled. Since the switch from Yosemite to Sierra, neither of them has been able to connect to their VPN servers while maintaining an internet connection. I’ve tried PIA versions 60 and 61, as well as removing all PIA-related files in order to reinstall from scratch. There was no such luck. Any advice on how to stay safe while using public WiFi?
Thank you. I’ll see if I can come up with a solution or figure out what the problem with PIA is. This seems to be a common problem with PIA.
I’ve just upgraded to beta 5. I tried it in beta 1 and 2 and it didn’t fit, so I went back to the old OS. But, because PIA released a v62, I decided to give it a shot. I discovered that I was still unable to link via Safari. So, before connecting to VPN, I went into DNS and added the PIA DNS servers, then linked, and it’s working now! Why? I’m not sure. But I’m happy!

How to easily install macos catalina mojave or highsierra as

The PIA app is a piece of garbage that creates many problems for many PIA customers on a regular basis, and this is true across all platforms — OSX, Windows, and Linux. Any cursory examination of PIA’s forums will reveal an abundance of evidence to support this claim. The same can be said for PIA’s ostensibly “customer service.” They’re absolutely pitiful, and some of the worst I’ve ever seen. You’re fucked if you need something other than what they can read you from a script.
Since version 54 (currently at version 72), the PIA app has been filled with bugs and totally ridiculous “features” like disabling the OSX firewall and completely disabling your LAN connectivity. Is there any other app in the world that purposefully disables the OSX firewall? Only PIA is insane, greedy, or dumb enough to do such a thing. For months, PIA has been chastised on this and other topics, but they have no credible reason for why they disable the OSX firewall. Their programmers are networking neanderthals who are incapable of adhering to Apple’s best practices. Simply put, the PIA software is untrustworthy. Who knows what other dangerous things they do without our knowledge if they knock down the firewall?

Share openvpn connection on macos mojave/sierra/high

I’ve been using PIA as a VPN provider for a while and have never had any issues with access speed. It was a breeze to set up the PIA client on Windows. It was simple to set up OpenVPN in my Ubuntu box to bind to PIA.
I upgraded to a Macbook Pro a few months ago. I successfully installed the Mac OS X VPN client that I downloaded from the PIA website’s Client Support section. When attempting to connect to one of their US VPN Tunnel Gateways, however, the link failed and appeared to be stuck in the ‘connecting’ process.

Setup pptp vpn client on mac os x

Every Mac OS X machine has a VPN Server built in, but it can’t be used unless you know how to type in a lot of geeky commands and dig through a lot of configuration files. VPN Enabler takes care of it for you in just three (OK, maybe four) steps and a single press. L2TP and PPTP protocols are now supported by VPN Enabler. Configuring the VPN Server
VPN Enabler can be uninstalled using the last menu item in the Help menu. If the VPN Server is running, it will be shut down, and all files installed by VPN Enabler (in /usr/local/cutedge/vpn) will be removed.
5.0 released on October 2nd, 2017. VPN Enabler for High Sierra is now available. On the 17th of January, 2018, version 5.1 was released. Only the VPN user “vpnuser” will authenticate with the server in version 5.0. I had a bug where the user name was hard-coded to vpnuser. This version fixes the bug, allowing you to give the VPN user any name you want. 23rd of September, 2018. Allows spaces and special characters in Shared Secret, such as this:

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