Premiere nasa 8

Premiere nasa 8

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When you go to the Premiere Cinemas website and click on the Pictures tab, you’ll see six thumbnail pictures of the theater that can be extended for a better view:
I had the same idea, but I don’t believe it was real. I’d like to point out that we did newspaper analysis for the Houston area and found no evidence that Cinemark was in control. My only guess as to why it looks like a Cinemark is that it was put together using equipment and furnishings from a nearby Cinemark that has since closed.
No, there was never a Cinemark, believe it or not. Houston had a company called “Dollar Cinema, Inc” in the 1980s and early 1990s (see their defunct Manta website at and an old Corporation Wiki page at ) that would buy and run older movie theaters (such as the Briargrove 3, Westminster 8, Parkview Twin, among a few others). They finally decided to create their own theatre from the ground up in the rapidly growing Clear Lake area, and they hired Cinemark and their developers to do so. Although it appears to be a Cinemark from the late 1980s (the theatre opened in 1988 — I believe November or December), it was owned and operated by Dollar Cinema, Inc. from the start and operated as a sub-run venue.

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That action, among others, is what makes us (and many others) eagerly anticipate the release of the film on DVD. Why go to the theater to see a supposed horror film that is rated PG-13 when you can get the real deal on DVD as an Unrated film? If other people are going to monitor your children because you don’t, I suggest the theaters go for the USHER option because the “”Please don’t add your own soundtrack”” policy isn’t working.
If you have a theater that looks and smells like garbage, that’s what you’ll attract, which can, in the long run, do nothing but exacerbate an already poor situation. We don’t have the same so-called ADD (farce!) issues, and we can sit for hours and not chat or be a spaz because we don’t feel the need to bind ourselves because we’re pathetic. We also don’t need a cheap date to have a good time (like some people believe; why not just stay at home?) and have preferred to spend our money elsewhere; at least with DVDs, you own them and can watch them whenever you want.

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Depending on your preferences – The overall experience was satisfactory; however, employees were unexpectedly rude, which irritated me; however, everything else was fine; you get what you pay for, but I did not expect bad service.
You get exactly what you pay for!! – Yeah, you get what you pay for—and that’s all there is to it!! We got a movie for fifty bucks. Only stay away from the toilets because they are dirty!! There was no hand soap, several stalls were out of service, several stalls had broken locks, and the smell was so intense that I had to hold my breath. The floors of the theater were dusty and greasy. And yes, I did note a lot of people socializing while watching the movie, allowing their children to talk, walk around, and weep. Overall, it was a negative experience. I’d just go to this movie theater again if I didn’t have any money and my kids wanted to go—and even then, I’d probably stay at home because our bathrooms are clean.
The place to go is Nasa Dollar Movie. – After reading the previous reviews on this theater, I felt inspired to write this review. My husband and I went last night, and it was nothing like what the other reports said it was. The staff was really polite and sweet, the theater smelled clean, and after the movies were over, they went in and cleaned it all up while we and everyone else waited for our next movie to start. There was no dirt on the floor, no broken seats, and the air was perfect. We had a wonderful time. People have believed that the prices are high before this review, but they are not; the popcorn is the same as Cinemark and Pearland movies, the DRINKS are TWO DOLLARS less than everywhere else, and you get a refill on both the large drink and large popcorn. We paid $ 13.50 for our tickets, big popcorn, and drink. You can’t get two tickets for this price at any other theater at night, let alone drinks and popcorn. WE ARE PLANNING TO COME HERE ALL THE TIME NOW, AND ANY SAVINGS ARE WELCOME IN THIS TERRIBILE ECONOMY. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS THEATER AND HAD A GREAT TIME THERE.

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