Pokemon white 2 password

Pokemon white 2 password

Pokemon white 2 walkthrough – team plasma password

The Plasma Frigate is a flying ship that acts as Team Plasma’s primary mode of transportation. It can be found in different locations around Unova, with its first appearance being at Prime Pier in Castelia City. It later appears at the Pokémon World Tournament’s harbor, Opelucid City, a secluded area of Route 21, outside Seaside Cave, and the Giant Chasm. It is permanently docked at the P2 Laboratory after the player defeats Ghetsis.
Depending on the version played, the ship’s sub-levels differ: Black 2 has a warp tile puzzle on B1F and a password puzzle on B2F, while White 2 has a password puzzle on B1F and a warp panel puzzle on B2F.
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Pokemon black and white 2: password to pass electric

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Pokémon black & white 2 – plasma frigate + password [jpn

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Route 21 Plasma Frigate – White 2

Pokemon white 2 the password on plasma battleship is

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Pokemon bw2 – team plasma frigate passwords

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Pokemon black&white 2: plasma frigate passwords

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Pokémon black 2 & white 2 gameplay walkthrough – team

A hall beneath the deck has six rooms attached to it, three on each side of the hall. There are many Team Plasma Grunts in each bed. To remove the barrier from earlier, fight each Grunt to figure out the Password and find the Key Card.
To get to a different room on the frigate, use the teleport pad in the rear. Zinzolin, a member of Team Plasma, can be found there. After some dialogue, you’ll be pitted against Zinzolin and a Team Plasma Grunt in a double fight with your Rival.

Pokemon black and white 2: team plasma password

Team Plasma’s boat, the Plasma Frigate, can be accessed several times. It will be docked at the P2 Lab for the remainder of the game, first at the PWT, then at Route 21, then Giant Chasm. This boat has multiple decks, each with its own puzzles, such as warp tile puzzles and a password puzzle with a password that could be 1101, 2202, 3303, 4404, 5505, 6606, 7707, 8808, 9909, /Reshiram, /Zekrom, or /Kyurem. When you re-enter it when it’s docked at P2 Lab, the Plasma members will be polite and seeking to make amends for their wrongdoings as Colress leads them.

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