Please identify yourself

Please identify yourself

“tf you doing here nigga, identify yourself, who tf are you

This isn’t something I necessarily do. It depends on who I’m calling; I usually just do it to family or someone with whom I’ve had a long-distance relationship. I’m sure I’ve misled someone before. I’ve even confused myself by calling someone with the same first name as someone I meant to call. That’s a bit off-putting 🙂
When I lived with my sister, I was on the receiving end of a lot of stuff. On the call, we seem to sound the same. Her now-husband used to call and simply say hello, not saying anything so she would easily fill in the silence. She had another friend who would begin by exclaiming, “Guess Who?!?” “One of Chemsis’ colleagues!” I used to say, mocking her tone.
I’ve called people and gotten Hey, Yo, or Yeah instead of a greeting. “Hi, residence,” I remember saying. We no longer send our names to people who have our phone numbers. We used to do it. In today’s world, they could be complete strangers with our phone number. Anyone else remember the term ” residence”?

The o’jays – identify yourself (1979)

My entire Dharma journey can be described as a sequence of changing identities, and it all began with me attempting to escape from myself — the sentimental, histrionic drama of me-ness. The false conceit of “I” or “self,” according to the Buddha, is the bane of our life, and I was relieved to see through the numerous membranes of personal identification. But it was what I saw on the other hand that both shocked and pleased me. It turns out that I’m not who I thought I was — I’m a lot more.
For the most part, we each exist in our own story, which is pretty much the only one we tell, as though we have a scratch in our mental record and the same lines keep repeating themselves — about my finances, my friends, my relatives, and my belongings.
It’s too bad, because while we’re engrossed in our own personal dramas, we’re all participating in grand epics and heroic, noble ventures. Even if we’re reading e-mail or shopping for socks, we’re all living cells in the great body of life on Earth, participating in a fascinating multi-billion-year experiment in biology and consciousness. We are all playing a part in the story of evolution, whether we understand it or not, and knowing ourselves in that role can be a valuable tool on the road to self-liberation.

Identify yourself, please

You can also access your data on the same portal if you log in with your ID card or Internet bank and select “Your data in the Population Register” from the right-hand menu.
To put it another way, you can keep in touch with your data through a government-run website if you use ID-cards or интернет-banking services to make a deposit and then use the service “Application for Data on Yourself and Your Neighbors.” is an Estonian website.
Consider the fact that in a number of countries in Asia and the Pacific (for example, in China and the Philippines), it is necessary to use the services of the company Avis, because in these countries, it is possible to drive an automobile ad hoc. is a website dedicated to travel in the Balkans.

Postident via video chat – identify yourself online

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