Pioneer amp error

Pioneer amp error

Pioneer radio problem “amp error” fix

My Pioneer VSX-D912 was struck by lightning and is now damaged. The problem was traced back to the internal DC detection bus being turned on. If an amp blew and the output had a DC part, this would happen. If the cooling fan fails, the bus remains on the lane.
Every amp output is at zero volts with no signal, so I assume the DC error bus is being pulled down by the fan STOPPED detection. The fan is not spinning, which appears to be necessary to prevent an error condition from occurring. To drive the fan with variable speed, all channels are sampled and rectified in the fan circuit.
The fan will not turn on until the amplifier produces enough heat to warrant it. If there is no output, this prevents the receiver from producing noise. In that receiver, the fan is almost unnecessary because it does not produce enough heat at moderate to higher levels to turn on; it would have to be cranking pretty hard to turn on.

Pioneer “amp error pa2030a”

So, instead of using the speaker wires that come out of the machine, you’re using RCA connections? The first thing I’d look at is the wiring, making sure that any loose speaker wires were covered and weren’t hitting each other or any other metal in the dash. I’d also look at the manual’s troubleshooting portion. There will almost certainly be an explanation of what the error code means.
Martinique, greetings from Barbados. I’ve tried resetting, and all of my wires are taped up and not touching anything else; the head unit was working perfectly until the error appeared. I’m going to return it and press for a refund. I’ve never had an issue with Pioneer before.

#251 car mp3 bluetooth radio stereo player amp error

I’m so glad I came across this place and the informative and supportive members who live here. So far, with your assistance, I’ve repaired one amplifier. This one will be a little more difficult. Here we have a nice Pioneer that was working great until one day when it was turned on, it displayed the AMP ERR on the monitor, then went into shutdown mode and wouldn’t turn back on. I attempted to reset the error but obtained the same results, suggesting that it was not a one-time event. There are no bulging caps or burnt diodes visible when I look at the board from the top side, but there is a lot to look at, and I’m conscious that faulty parts aren’t always visible to the naked eye. I haven’t gone much further (no disassembly) and have been researching the schematic to get a better understanding of what’s going on until I begin exploring. Any ideas or advice will be greatly appreciated! Please accept my heartfelt gratitude…
You can start by unplugging all and testing Q631 and Q632 (driver transistors) by removing them and using an ohmmeter to see if they are shorted. Even so, DC on R638 isn’t a good idea… The only other way to get a DC is for any other transistor and diode in the vicinity to be shorted (Q633, D632). If all of those (Q631,632, 633) are perfect and R638 has DC, IC602 must be substituted (PAC11).

Pioneer deh-1550ub dando amp error, como resolver

I’m 15, so you can probably guess that I have no idea what’s wrong with it based on its age. It hasn’t been used in a long time, maybe 10 years or less, and I recently moved it into my room. I used copper cables in the right slots, negative and positive, to connect speakers to it. After that, I turned it on. The light came on for about 5 seconds before turning off and not turning back on for a few minutes. Is it possible that it’s an old piece of hardware that’s reached the end of its useful life, or am I doing something wrong? Is it even worth attempting to correct?
It’s not your fault; it’s more than likely that the electronics, such as capacitors, have failed (some things tend to leak even when just sitting in storage). Sure, if learning about the electronics in it, checking it, and purchasing any small parts to repair it is worthwhile. No, it’s not worth it to hire anyone to repair it.

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