Pictures of invoices

Pictures of invoices

Insert picture comments in bulk with one click

Is it possible to apply the images from the goods list to an invoice? This function was available in another accounting system (Debitoor) for a jeweller customer, but I’m not sure how to configure the invoice to include pictures. I’d be grateful for any suggestions.
Hi there,
Thank you for your answer. I apologize if I was unclear – I’d like to be able to add a thumbnail of the product item to each invoice line. This is because I have a jeweler client for whom this was a feasible and very useful feature of quality control for packaging on the company side and receipt QC on the customer side in their previous accounting kit (Debitoor). The thumbnail appears alongside the product name/code and the given number, making it incredibly time-saving for both my client and their customer. We can add small pictures to each product in the product list, so using the same product picture and code on the invoice will be simple – but not as an uploaded attachment to the main document. I believe that a turn on/off toggle on invoicing to allow this function would be a VERY useful addition to invoicing. DEBITOOR, which has slightly less functionality than QBO, tends to be ahead of QBO in this situation! I’ve learned from other sources that this isn’t possible, but I’d appreciate it if you could forward the details to the developers. Thank you so much.

How to: add an image to an invoice

If you’re new to invoicing for your company, you may not know where to begin or what to include. The sample photography invoice prototype provides all of the information you’ll need to ensure that you’re charged accurately and on time, every time.
When it comes to making your customers satisfied, you have a lot of obligations as a professional or freelance photographer. It’s important that you get everything right, from taking the perfect picture to handling the company’s finances.
While many photographers use accounting software or hire an accountant, all of these choices can be complicated and costly. So, how do you bill your photography clients so that you always get paid on time?
Creating photography invoices helps you to outline the specifics of your services, communicate payment information to customers, and keep track of your company finances. This will save you time and money when it comes to filing your taxes.
You’ll need to download a free photography invoice template to make a simple invoice for your photography company. The design can then be customized to suit the company’s needs as well as those of your clients.

Using the xero app to take pictures of receipts

Let’s pretend we’re saving money on a road trip across Norway. The country’s landscape is lined with fjords, and we took a ferry ride to cross one. Also known as “the land of fair price tags,” the country’s landscape is laced with fjords, and we took a ferry ride to cross one. The cost was 120 Norwegian krone (sign: kr, code: NOK), paid in cash and saved under the category “Transport.”
You have the option of taking a new photo of the receipt, invoice, payslip, or other document you want to connect to your expense, or selecting an existing picture from your mobile device’s photo collection.
In addition to receipts, you can save images of invoices and payslips alongside your income reports. Add photographs of records such as product warranties, invoices for tax purposes, and photos of the actual goods and services you just documented.
It’s always better to store too much information about your financial flows than too little, as this will allow you to review your entries at a later date and easily recall what those expenses and entries were about.

Sage 50 accounts (uk) – add image

When you upload a picture of a receipt or purchase invoice as a source document, the software uses artificial intelligence to interpret details like the amount, VAT, and point of purchase so you don’t have to manually enter it. Uploaded images are displayed in a list that can be sorted by date, supplier name, quantity, and type.
Under Buying – Source document photos, you can see all of the source document images that have been transferred. You can search for photos, filter them based on a specific time, date, or the user who uploaded them, and sort them by date, supplier name, quantity, or form.

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