Pia on ubuntu

Pia on ubuntu

Private internet access vpn – installation walk-through

Note: In 2019, PIA merged with Kape Technologies, which sparked a lot of discussion, especially on Reddit. However, the following enhancements to the PIA infrastructure have been made since the merger:
PIA provides OpenVPN configuration files. Extract the ZIP file to a position that will be remembered for future access, such as your user home directory. It’s worth noting that, despite the fact that WireGuard is supported on both the Linux binary and the software, PIA has yet to provide WireGuard configuration files. In other words, by using the NetworkManager technique, only OpenVPN can be used.
You’ve successfully linked to Private Internet Access when a gold lock appears over the NetworkManager applet. Visit Private Internet Access and check the status message at the top of their homepage to see if you’re linked.
Note: If the VPN prompts you for a password and you’d like to avoid entering it each time you try to connect, make sure to change the permission of credentials to all users by clicking the icon in the password box, as mentioned previously.

Pia vpn connection timed out? clear dns cache on ubuntu


Private internet access with openvpn

I’m actually running Ubuntu Server 14.04 within VirtualBox (no GUI, just terminal), and I’m trying to get it to link to Private Internet Access using their VPN configs found here (which can be downloaded without an account for those wanting to take a look at their opvm files).

How to install private internet access (vpn) on linux

I run “sudo openvpn –config France.opvm” after downloading and extracting the zip file. This is the final result. UDPv4 connect local: [undef] Tue May 13 03:37:06 2014

Pia vpn guide: change dns in linux (using network

Okay, a new version of the PrivateInternetAccess (PIA) VPN client is now available (pia-linux-1.0.2-02363.run). I’ve been using their older versions (v81 and v83) for a while now, but the latest version won’t install on MX-18.1.
Now, I understand that MX does not use systemd by default, but it is configured so that it is accessible to items that require/use it (correct?). Is there a clear part of the systemd bundle that needs to be added to MX to satisfy the PIA software?
In the meantime, I’ll send a note to the PIA people to see if they have an alternative for non-system distros, and I’ll revert to the v83 version. I’ll be happy to look through the machine logs and everything else you need; I think how to access them is recorded somewhere in the wiki?
I’m having the same problem. The version v82 is perfect, but the version 1.0.2-02363 is not. In fact, I just sent an email to PIA about an hour ago, asking what versions had been vetted for Debian. I hadn’t considered the systemd perspective.
I’m having the same problem. The version v82 is perfect, but the version 1.0.2-02363 is not. In fact, I just sent an email to PIA about an hour ago, asking what versions had been vetted for Debian. I hadn’t considered the systemd perspective.

Set up private internet access openvpn on linux

Even two years ago, there was an old edition of PIA. Instead, go to the PIA website and install it from a.deb file there. You’d think that a Linux Mint supporter would have a well-maintained bundle of their applications in the Software Manager, but that isn’t the case.
I signed up for PIA a month ago because they help Mint, and it’s fantastic! It’s a shame that the program manager doesn’t offer the most recent version 1.7.0, but just 1.0.8. My evaluation is based on the most recent PIA update, not the software from Software Manager. Switching between countries is fast, I’ve never experienced a disconnect, and you can customize the algorithm and key duration. It’s your platinium sponsor, if you can drive the latest release there 🙂 @Mint management, it’s your platinium sponsor, if you can push the latest release there 🙂
I downloaded the software from the company’s website and followed the on-screen instructions. As mentioned in the tutorial, there is another show. When I requested a password reset, I received no response. The app has been uninstalled because it does not work at all.
Follow the instructions to install the software from its website. On Linux Mint and Ubuntu, it works flawlessly. I’ve been using it for a year and have never had any issues with it on either Windows or Linux. I’m not sure why people are having issues with it. Simply go to its website, select Download, and follow the on-screen instructions. It works flawlessly on both Windows and Linux. Don’t keep Linux accountable only because you don’t know how to do anything. If you don’t know how to do it, go to the forums and look for a response, or ask PIA for installation support right away, or seek assistance from an experienced Linux user.

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