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Phone camera icon

Iphone camera icon

My iPhone 4’s Camera icon was mistakenly removed by my daughter. I’ve since reinstalled it, upgraded to IOS 5, and synced the phone with iTunes, among other things. But I can’t seem to find it, and I can’t seem to find a way to add it as an app, if that’s what I need to do.
When you type “camera” into the search field, the results should grant you access to Camera and show the folder where it could be located. If the right-hand side of the result does not show any folders, then Camera should be in any of the displays.
Scroll to the next pages and make sure you scroll all the way to the last page, because this happened to me with my camera, and I spent a lot of time looking for two pages when I only had two, and I didn’t know the camera had shifted to the third page.

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Hello, I have a Huawei P20 Pro, and my son accidentally removed the camera button, which I couldn’t find. However, if I searched for the app, it would come up. So I came up with this solution to locate the app/icon. When you swipe down to find the app, there is a location icon to the right. When you choose the location icon, you will be taken to the location of the icon. I hope it helps you.
I’ve even misplaced mine. The answer is straightforward. First, create an empty page (without any widgets)…then, zoom in to the page as though you were zooming into photos…your secret apps will appearHope this helps!
Hello, Plamen. Are you referring to the camera icon that appears on the home screen all the time? If that’s the case, simply open the app drawer; normally, all you have to do is tap and hold an app icon to get a shortcut on the home screen. Please give it a shot.

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Please assist me.

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My camera icon moved from my favorites tray to the bottom right spot, which I think I did by accident and with no intention. I can’t get it back because it says “no room on favorites tray,” and instead of the camera icon, there’s a shortcut icon that, like when I swipe up, brings me to all other apps on the screen. The problem is that I can’t do anything about this new shortcut icon; keeping it does not pull up the menu that allows me to delete it, as it does on other computers. I’d upload a picture, but it appears that I won’t be able to. How can I get rid of it and restore my camera icon? a total of 6 comments 81 percent sharesavehidereport Voted up This discussion has been ended. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

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Please accept my apologies. I seem to have answered that question a lot recently, but a fast search doesn’t turn up any threads. The long(er) version of the response is that you can restore the camera function by long pressing the New Note “+” button, and once you’ve used it, the camera will appear as the “last note form used” in the edit screen header. To pick a different choice, tap the icon.
What if I want to add a note to one that already exists?
I searched the forum, but didn’t find anything that answered my query. Thank you for the warm greeting. To add items to the note, tap the paperclip at the top of the note. I believe you should be in edit mode.
Yes, the “+” item appears only while viewing a general notes view; it’s used to create a new note in one of the several available categories, which includes, as mentioned above, camera / image camera / etc.
According to @Candid, you must be in Edit mode to add an image to an existing note.
When you press the green spot, it turns into a pen, and you’ll see the paperclip, as well as an icon for the last note sort you added, which might be a camera.

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