Pfsense block mac address

Pfsense block mac address

How to allow or deny internet access for a user -pfsense 2.4.1

When blocking at multiple layers in the TCP/IP protocol stack, there are a few things to bear in mind. Any packet, for example, will pass through the ruleset twice: once at layer 2 (where the MAC addresses are checked), and once at layer 3. (where the IP addresses are checked).
They are alike in every way. The only difference is how the list is handled. A blacklist is created when you block everything on your list while allowing everything else. A whitelist is one that allows everything on the list while blocking everything else.
All but the MAC address in the list should be blocked. I’m thinking of calling it WhiteList. Could anyone please assist me? That will be extremely beneficial. I’m currently going through the handbook section by section. I’m hoping that someone will assist me in speeding my timetable.

How to block access to a network based on mac address

Prior to version 2.4.4-RELEASE, devices specified in the Captive Portal “MACs” section would never receive a login prompt, and when attempting entry, devices marked “Block” would be redirected to the URL contained in the “Blocked MAC address redirect URL.” We’re using an IP address on the same subnet as the client in this situation, so there’s no need to authenticate the blocked device before redirecting.
If a “Blocked MAC URL” is entered, the captive portal should redirect users directly, but if no custom URL is entered, the captive portal should display the login page before displaying an error message.
The aim of the “MACs” tab is to prevent the login prompt from appearing for any of the machines mentioned. “Blocked MAC addresses will be redirected to this URL when attempting entry,” the program should say in the configuration area. After years of behavior, it does not instantly alter.
Changing the actions of software after it has been in use for a long time is also a risky activity. There was no warning of the move, and there was no urgent problem that necessitated it. If this isn’t done on purpose, it makes the program untrustworthy. What else is going to happen to cause the machine to stop working the way it should? My client is paying me hourly to get things running the way they want it, so this move is costing them money.

Pfsense time restrictions for internet access

I’d like to use the Firewall rules to prevent one of these devices on the network from accessing the internet. I have a static IP address for the one I want to block, and I also know its MAC address.
I just can’t seem to figure out how to make a rule that effectively blocks internet access for that particular device. However, I do want that computer to be able to access the network’s internal resources, such as shared drives and printers.
(a) If I have an IP address on my internal LAN, why would blocking it from accessing the WAN (which is outside my router and I would assume is considered the Internet) prevent that IP address from accessing the Internet? (b) So why does blocking that IP address from accessing the LAN (I suppose that any IP address behind the NAT is on the LAN and any IP in this network behind the LAN will reroute) prevent that IP address from accessing the Internet? I guess I just answered my own question because I then enabled the IP address to access the local network /24. (in CIDR format)

Pfsense how to fix ip address by mac address

Good day, guys!

How to block or allow an ip address and port in pfsense

We have a DNS server (DHCP server) that assigns IP addresses to connected devices, and our primary router is a pfsense router (DHCP set to off). For security reasons, we want to use MAC address filtering. DNS can MAC filter devices, but it can’t monitor them if they’re set to static and directed to other DNS servers. So, I’d like to set up mac filtering in my pfsense router, but it says that enabling dhcp is needed. If I did it, I assume it would trigger an IP dispute. I’m hoping you can inform me on where I should configure the Mac filter. Thank you so much.
Hi there,
So it appears that PF doesn’t support L2 filtering, which you’ll need for this.
You can achieve your goals by allowing IPFW, which can be done by enabling the captive portal and tinkering with the IPFW rules.
You basically connect an IP address to a MAC address, so if you don’t have a whitelisted IP and MAC address combination, you won’t be able to access the internet.
Take a look at these resources for more detail.
This is something I’ve never done before, so please let us know how it goes.
I hope this information is useful.

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