Permission denied @ dir_s_mkdir

Permission denied @ dir_s_mkdir

How to fix /usr/bin/env: ruby: no such file or directory

I’m not sure what the intended behavior is — whether we should get a simple error or a traceback exception. Most of the time, I prefer to get traceback because it makes it easier to locate the problem.
I agree that we should probably manage this better, but I believe it is an issue that should be discussed with UX, since the code that will handle the error would most likely exist for all three entry points for creating a database backup:
– Make sure we show the error to the end user in the appliance-console when we exit with said code. If that’s too difficult (it necessitates parsing command output or anything similar), at the very least print a message indicating which logs to examine.
Although the above seems fair to me, I have yet to see any management debate or push to address this. So, with that said, I don’t think I should start on something until we’ve had a larger discussion.

Freenas® 9.3 permissions overview

Problem: I’ve just recently begun to learn Python. Now, in order to do practical work with Python, I’m attempting to install Python on my homebrew. Python was downloaded, but an error message appeared at the end of the installation, preventing it from finishing. If I try to do it again, it prompts me to run the following command: python brew connect Following the execution of the above instruction, Evan receives the following error message: @ dir s mkdir – /usr/local/lib Error: permission denied I’ve also tried the following command: $ sudo chown -R /usr/local $(whoami) And now I’m getting the following error message: chown: /usr/local: Permission denied
Option 1:
I will assist you with your python mistake. If you try to list all of the flags with ls -lO /usr/, you should see uchg in front of /usr/local, which tells the code to render a file immutable for every consumer. The u in the uchg indicates that the flag may be modified by the file owner if necessary. Neither the owner nor any of the users are allowed to make changes to the file. To solve your problem, first delete the flag by running the command chflags nouchg /usr/local. This command will delete the uchg flag, which you can double-check with ls -lO. If another flag, such as schg, is set, you may use noschg or noflag> in general, but you must sudo the commands if your flag begins with the letter s. After that, you will need to use the command sudo chown -R $(whoami) /usr/local to chown the directory. After that, you should take ownership of the directory, and the Homebrew tools should now function properly.

Fix permission denied problem kali linux

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mkdir / usr / local / Frameworks sudo mkdir / usr / local / Frameworks brew connect —aисати python @ 2 sudo chown -R $ (whoami) / usr / local / Frameworks brew link —aисати python @ 2 brew не ма доволв на аис дл / usr / local directory , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sudo chown -R: * sudo chown -R: * sudo chown – move linkage diagram for a Ford Ranger
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Brew install error: cannot write to /usr/local/cellar macos mac

When it came time to build my test app, I was stumped. In the end, it fails. Permission was denied. 🙁 I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong; I tried gem install debug inspector and bundle exec spring binstubb everything, but both failed.
I was having the same problem. I couldn’t even get the brand-new rails to work. In that case, $ / chmod -R 0755 tpm will grant the required permissions to build a file in the folder, which worked fine for me.
This solution was discovered thanks to @Abhi’s comment on this page. I’m adding this here to give it more visibility, as the original comment may go unnoticed due to its size (as it did to me), and this topic came up more while I was studying.

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