Pen for samsung note 4

Pen for samsung note 4

How to use the samsung galaxy note 4 s pen

You may use the S Pen to collect different pieces of material that appear on the screen. When you’ve found something you want to save, open the air command panel by bringing the pen close to the screen and pressing the S Pen button, then tapping Smart pick. To catch the content area you want to collect, drag the S Pen over it.
Draw a shape around the material you want to save or share with the S Pen. Open the air command panel and tap Image clip when you’ve found a place to catch. With the S Pen, draw a circle around an area to pick it. By selecting a shape icon on the toolbar, you can reshape the selected region.
The S Pen is a perfect tool for writing on screenshots that you want to save for later use or share with others. Open the air command panel and tap Screen write when you’ve found something to record. The editing toolbar appears on the screen after the current screen is automatically recorded. The S Pen may be used to write or draw text.
When capturing text, the S Pen behaves like a mouse. To pick multiple items or text, press and hold the S Pen button, then drag the S Pen over text or object lists. To share the selection with others, copy and paste it into another app.

Galaxy note 4: s pen funktionen ausführlich erklärt

With its included S Pen, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 continues where previous Note models left off. The Note 4 contains all of the features we’ve come to expect from Note devices, as well as a few new ones. The following settings and hints will help you get the most out of your Galaxy Note 4’s S Pen.
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How to solve samsung galaxy note 4 s pen stylus problem

The mighty stylus sword was all the rage in the early days of Windows Mobile, which is why many people, including ourselves, were ecstatic to hear that Samsung would be making a comeback with the original Note phablet, this time tuned to capacitive screen realities. We imagined that we would be able to scribble shopping lists, select small objects on the screen, handwrite, sketch, and annotate furiously.
Since the S Pen on the first Note was a little sluggish and wiggly, some of those stuff couldn’t really happen the way we expected, but with the subsequent Notes, Samsung upped the stylus game, and there’s a chance now that you’ll use it for more than just bragging rights for the first two days, then put it away for the most part. So, how does a stylus like Samsung’s S Pen work exactly? We know you’ve been dying to know, and because Samsung now says that the Note 4’s stylus has doubled its pressure sensitivity, let’s take a look at the technology behind it.

How to replace the tip of the s-pen for samsung galaxy note

If you’re searching for original Spen or Wacom nibs for your Note 4, I’ve found a decent substitute for both. Simply search for “Bastex” on Amazon, which sells the s-pen for $10.99 each. I’m not sure whether the spen is original or not, but it fits perfectly in the note 4 slot and the middle button works perfectly. And for the $4.95 original Wacom nibs, go here: Only for those who are involved. Thank you very much!!! There are 5 comments. 83 percent sharesavehidereport Voted up This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

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