Paypal takes too long

Paypal takes too long

Why i no longer use paypal · selling and buying

Hello there! My previous PayPal account and bank had a problem, so I had to create a new account and register a new bank card. This occurred during a pandemic. So I created a new account and added a new credit card to it. I had to wait for the card to be approved by both the bank and PayPal. However, it takes so long and has yet to be authorised. Has anybody else had a similar issue?
Only PayPal has the ability to respond. Inquire if they’ve contacted your bank or if your bank has given permission for your card to be used on PayPal. Since PayPal has different rules for different countries, no one here can give you a clear response unless they’re from your country.

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I deposited funds into my PayPal account from a bank account. The funds are no longer in the bank, but PayPal is still “processing” them. I’m not dumb, PayPal; I know you have it. Technology has progressed to the point that it can process data in real time.
I realize it’s been a few months since you posted this, but I wanted to reply.
You make an excellent argument, and I agree that they can do it a lot quicker, but the fact is that if they keep the money on their bank for those 3-5 days, they get a percentage of it, and with how much money is transferred through paypal every day, they make a lot of money by simply holding the money on their bank for a couple of days and sitting back and receiving a certain percentage of the money on there.
Oh, and on November 9, I ‘bought’ an item with an ACH from savings through PayPal; my item is in limbo until the ACH is done, obviously. The seller should wait until the ACH is cleared before sending the item, according to eBay/PayPal. RIGHT NOW…as reported in another posting, PayPal has my money; they received it almost instantly. They reap substantial profits by being allowed by regulatory bodies to keep our money, while we, as individuals, simply have to wait for them to accumulate it. And, as described in another posting, we are living in the age of advanced technology. Logic dictates that it should take less time than it did a few years earlier, rather than a week longer. I resent being used by companies for their own benefit. I will never use PayPal as a business tool again; after three years, my account is still locked because my card was compromised and I became a fraud victim. The account is still locked despite several emails and bank affidavits. I believe it is past time for me to abandon deceptive financial instruments. Is there little that can be done to stop this blatantly predatory practice?

How to add money to paypal from bank account

PayPal allows you to pay how, where, and where you want. At least, that’s how the organization explains it. But, on the other hand, how satisfied are the consumers who receive those payments? According to those who have been exposed to their so-called “intelligence tests,” not very much.
Emma Fox sold a bag on E-bay in the middle of October. When she attempted to withdraw the money, a confirmation screen appeared, stating that it would take 4 hours, with another 2 hours probable.
They agreed to email PayPal after 6 hours because the money had not appeared in her account. Paypal responded by saying it was due to security checks, but they couldn’t explain why the security checks were performed, and that the money would take 72 hours to enter our account.
PayPal’s security measures are aimed at preventing fraud and money laundering. However, a technical problem with upgrading their systems in September caused extra checks and delays for a number of customers.
Emma had two more things to sell in October, one of which was a vehicle worth about £1000, and they had the same problem. They had to wait three days for a large sum of money to be deposited in their account.

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It shouldn’t matter who you work with. The issue is that banks in the United States are not organized. Each one is a stand-alone company. ALL funds transactions, as explained to me, go through a clearing house in New York. Another example is PayPal. The funds are moved from Omaha to New York and then to Canada.
“Can you tell me how long it takes for your money to go from Paypal to your bank account?”
Withdrawals made before 5:00pm (Eastern) to my Canadian bank account (BMO) are still available online the next business day – late afternoon or early evening.
If I withdraw money on a Monday afternoon (before 5:00 p.m. Eastern), my PayPal account will show “pending.” It will say “completed” by late Tuesday afternoon. PayPal uses a 24-hour delay as a security mechanism to secure you. When I check my account online late Wednesday afternoon or early evening, the money will be available in my bank account. If there is a holiday on either side of the border, it never misses; so add one business day. Add one business day to withdrawals made after 5:00 p.m. Attach one or two business days of withdrawals to credit unions or caisse populaires.

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