Paypal reference transactions

Paypal reference transactions

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Request that “Reference Transactions” be allowed on your PayPal business account by calling or emailing PayPal support. In order for the request to be approved, you will be asked to confirm your PayPal business account details (such as your email address).
Billing Agreements are a PayPal customer account feature that allows consumers to opt-in at checkout to have their PayPal account saved as a payment option for recurring billing.
If you’re having trouble saving PayPal payments to Scheduled Orders (resulting in the error “No Payment Method”), and you’ve already contacted PayPal to make sure Reference Transactions are enabled, it’s possible that custom code from another WordPress plugin or your theme is interfering.

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Search using a keyword What are Reference Transactions (tokenization) and how do they work? A Transaction ID is created when you complete a transaction. Even if you don’t store the credit card information in your local database, you can use this ID, or token, to trigger subsequent transactions. This can help you avoid:
You can perform Reference Transactions via your website or application using the Payflow Pro API. You must include the ORIGID in the API request to perform Comparison Transactions with Payflow Pro. Here are some examples:

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In my sandbox testing accounts, I want to allow reference transactions.

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I’m using woocommerce subscriptions, but I’ve heard I may need to contact PayPal to allow “PayPal Comparison Transactions for Subscriptions.”
Hello there,
Please read the “pinned” thread at the top of this forum for instructions on how to report a problem.
Please share the merchant id for the sandbox account where you want reference transactions allowed once you’ve finished reading that.
Notice that only business accounts can use reference transactions.

Reference transactions

You must have an original transaction ID from a previous transaction made by the same buyer before you can make a comparison transaction against the buyer’s card. This previous transaction may have been a card authentication transaction for a small sum or a transaction for a larger amount.
After processing the next payment, you can use the same input fields in subsequent DoReferenceTransaction calls to process other payments of different amounts. You might, for example, make a subsequent call for a sum of 2, 1, or 3.
On September 14, 2019, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), a provision of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), becomes mandatory for UK merchants. Cardholder-initiated transactions would now require two types of authentication to be processed using SCA. Transactions initiated by merchants are not subject to the same regulations. Since a reference transaction is a merchant-initiated transaction, the SCA provision of PSD2 has no effect on current reference transaction integrations. The following example transaction scenarios, on the other hand, do necessitate SCA:

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