Paypal proof of delivery

Paypal proof of delivery

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An item I sold last week was being challenged due to an approved payment, according to an email I received this morning. I’ve sent you an email with evidence of delivery and a tracking number. The item was shipped, but no signature was needed, and it cost more than $325. Is seller insurance still available to me?
The amount for the signature requirement is $250, as you correctly mentioned.
According to my understanding, if the item was purchased while the buyer was on website, a signature is not needed before the purchase price reaches C$325.
If you have proof of shipping, however, proof of delivery is not needed for an illegal transaction. I’m not sure, but I believe you don’t need a signature in this case because evidence of shipment should suffice. But, as I previously said, I am not convinced. The easiest thing to do is call Paypal and inquire.
Proof of shipment is acceptable as long as the shipment information contains the address listed on the PayPal transaction details page.
PayPal accepts evidence of delivery with that information instead of mailed shipments since most mailed shipments do not have that information.

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The shipping company marks the item as undeliverable in their system after many unsuccessful distribution attempts. After that, the scammer contacts the shipping company and provides them with a new, legitimate shipping address.
When the scammer receives their package, they report it to PayPal, saying that it was never shipped. Since their transaction detail only displays the original, invalid address, the seller has no evidence of delivery. The seller loses both the item they shipped and the payment funds because PayPal’s Seller Insurance doesn’t cover shipments to addresses that aren’t on paper.
Following the seller’s return of the overpayment, the scammer files a lawsuit with PayPal, alleging that their account was hacked and that they never intended to give the payment to the seller in the first place. Even if the seller hasn’t sent out the purchased item yet, PayPal reimburses the entire original payment to the scammer, and the seller also loses the “overpaid” sum they sent back.
Scammers may send forged PayPal emails to sellers, claiming that they paid money into the seller’s account and that PayPal has put a hold on the funds and will not release them until the seller sends a shipment tracking number.

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I’m surprised at how PayPal sided with the customer when they said they hadn’t received an item and wanted to file a chargeback with their bank.

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What I don’t understand is how PayPal will refund the buyer when the tracking number shows that the package was sent to the address the buyer given on PayPal with a signature and a receipt from the post office with the tracking number, post code, and door number. ‘This doesn’t necessarily show that the item was shipped to the buyer, and paypal cannot rule in the seller’s favor with just a tracking number and receipt,’ PayPal said when I contacted them. Sorry, but this is ridiculous; I’m sure some of the people who deal with buyer issues on PayPal have never heard of a tracking number or evidence of delivery. So, if a signature and tracking details demonstrating delivery to a customer aren’t evidence, what is? Right now, I’m totally disheartened and frustrated 🙁 Merry Christmas to me, merry merry merry merry merry merry merry merry merry
I concur with Carrie. Now is the time to contact PayPal and escalate this situation! Make sure you have screen shots of the signature at the delivery address; it seems the first person you talked with believed you just had a receipt indicating you POSTED the order, not that it was signed for at the delivery address.

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Search using a keyword What evidence do I have that I sent an object to the buyer? If a buyer files a lawsuit or a petition for an item they didn’t get, you will be forced to provide evidence that the item was already shipped to the buyer. Using a carrier with online monitoring is one way to demonstrate the evidence. The name and address of the receiver in the online tracking information must match those on your Transaction Details tab. Please hold an online receipt with the recipient’s signature as proof of delivery for purchases involving items worth $750USD (or its equivalent in other currencies) or more.
In order to be eligible for Seller Protection, you must meet the postage criteria.
If the buyer requests delivery to a different address than the one listed on the Transaction Details tab, we recommend contacting the buyer to arrange a refund and a new invoice with the correct delivery address. Our User Agreement includes detailed postage requirements relevant to Seller Protection.

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