Paypal item not received but tracking says delivered

Paypal item not received but tracking says delivered

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I purchased a $515 piece. Shipping was supposed to take 3-5 days; after 10 days, I emailed the seller to inquire about the status of the shipment, and he replied, “I don’t know.” I was perplexed when USPS Tracking changed to “Delivered” one day later, despite the fact that I had not retrieved anything. When I call the post office, they say they have no idea where the package is. When I tell the seller I didn’t get it, he replies, “Nothing I can do, tracking says Delivered.” At this point, my only hope for getting my money back is to file a PayPal Dispute. The dispute is quickly dismissed because he presented the tracking information, which indicated that the package had been shipped. What the heck is going on here? There is no warranty or signature check on the kit. How will I be held responsible if it is stolen or lost?! For all I know, the USPS driver could have left it on my front porch with the label “Delivered” and it could have been stolen, or he could have taken it himself. In this situation, how can PayPal be advantageous to the seller? On packages over $250, I figured you had to have a signature confirmation, but apparently not. If the package is misplaced or stolen, it is the buyer’s fault. It’s absurd. Is my only choice now to file a chargeback with my bank and file a police report? There have been 26 views. Upvoted by sharesavehidereport72 percent The moderators of r/paypal have closed this message. There is no way to add new comments. Sort by the strongest.

Ebay buyer claims not received, tracking shows delivered

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If item is not received or not as described

Search using a keyword What proof do I have that I sent an object to the buyer? If a buyer files a lawsuit or a petition for an item they didn’t get, you will be forced to provide evidence that the item was already shipped to the buyer. Using a carrier with online monitoring is one way to demonstrate the evidence. The name and address of the receiver in the online tracking information must match those on your Transaction Details tab. Please hold an online receipt with the recipient’s signature as proof of delivery for purchases involving items worth $750USD (or its equivalent in other currencies) or more.
In order to be eligible for Seller Protection, you must meet the postage criteria.
If the buyer requests delivery to a different address than the one listed on the Transaction Details tab, we recommend contacting the buyer to arrange a refund and a new invoice with the correct delivery address. Our User Agreement contains specific postage standards relevant to Seller Security.

Item is marked as delivered, but buyer did not receive item

Although the vast majority of eBay shipments arrive at their intended destination, some do not. Having an item go missing is frustrating for both eBay buyers and sellers, whether it was shipped to the wrong address or was damaged to the point that the label was unreadable.
Buyers have up to 30 days to report an item missing after the expected delivery date ( Sellers have three days to respond to a buyer’s “item not received” request and settle the issue with the buyer. Following that, eBay will take over.
eBay sellers can upload tracking details for their items as soon as possible. Not only is this beneficial to the buyer, but it also eliminates nervous messages to the seller about the item’s position.
The first thing a seller can do when a buyer opens a “item not received” request is check the tracking details. The next step for a seller will be determined by the most recent status shown on the item tracking information.
The role of eBay on lost goods is clear: under the Money Back Guarantee, consumers are entitled to a refund. If the tracking information indicates that the item has been in transit for more than 7 days (10 days for foreign shipments), refund the customer the entire purchase price, including shipping costs.

Aliexpress buyer protection running out but package not

I’m surprised at how PayPal sided with the customer when they said they hadn’t received an item and wanted to file a chargeback with their bank.

Scammer using paypal loophole to steal money

What I don’t understand is how PayPal will refund the buyer when the tracking number indicates that the shipment was shipped to the address the buyer given on PayPal with a signature and a receipt from the post office with the tracking number, post code, and door number. ‘This doesn’t necessarily show that the item was shipped to the buyer, and paypal cannot rule in the seller’s favor with just a tracking number and receipt,’ PayPal said when I contacted them. Sorry, but this is ridiculous; I’m sure some of the people who deal with buyer issues on PayPal have never heard of a tracking number or evidence of delivery. So, if a signature and tracking information demonstrating delivery to a customer aren’t evidence, what is? Right now, I’m completely disheartened and angry 🙁 Merry Christmas to me, merry merry merry merry merry merry merry merry merry
I concur with Carrie. Now is the time to contact PayPal and escalate this situation! Make sure you have screen shots of the signature at the delivery address; it seems the first person you talked with assumed you just had a receipt indicating you POSTED the order, not that it was signed for at the delivery address.

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