Paypal confirmed address

Paypal confirmed address

How to verify a paypal account

When I first joined Paypal, I had to validate my identity with a Visa card. After the card was stolen, I had it replaced with an identical card with a different number, which Paypal refused to confirm. They say that the Visa system was down when I tried again, and that I would be unable to reverify. They told me to try another credit card, and I told them to leave. They must get their act together and stop being so slackers. It’s important to note that it’s human nature to be lazy. Paypal would almost certainly verify anyone, but doing so will take time and resources. But you’ve worked out where that’ll end up. I wish I could assist you, but Paypal declined to help me even though I called them directly. As a consequence, I’m no longer interested in engaging with sellers who work in this manner. It’s not my loss; it’s theirs. I’d be out of business if I run my company this way. However, a monoply will work in this manner. We are subject to their demands until that changes. If you keep trying, good luck. If you succeed, please tell me what a miracle it was.
The value of being confirmed is also appealing. I have a buyer from whom I purchased garbage *he claimed mint in his auction, and I am powerless to stop him. It costs me $100 USD for six auctions, and he does not respond to my emails. With a confirmed address, I will issue a warning and then issue a PayPal refund. IT would compel him to respond to my email and communicate with me because I need my money back.

How to add another email to paypal

What is the difference between the AddressVerify address match area and the paypal Express checkout addressstatus field? Does the same address search for both? If that’s the case, why would we need to call the addressverify API if we already have it in the express checkout response? Is this correct?
The status of the street address on file with PayPal is returned in the GetExpressCheckoutDetails API call as ADDRESSSTATUS or PAYMENTREQUEST n ADDRESSSTATUS. None, Authenticated, and Unconfirmed are the values you would have returned for this attribute.

How to check if paypal account is verified in 2021

For privacy purposes, I’ve changed some values and replaced them with * * variable name * * in this transaction from the payment paypal standard.log. If a variable’s name is the same in [request] and [ipn], its meaning is the same. For example, magento payer email and paypal payer email are not the same.
According to PayPal’s documentation: If the buyer’s credit card billing address matches his or her shipping address, the address is verified. PayPal can also validate an address by looking at the buyer’s PayPal account history in some cases.

How to verify paypal email address

I’m bumping this because I haven’t heard back. Please, if anyone can assist me, I will be grateful. I realize that the most common topics here are ones that complain about Paypal (which I understand), but I’m looking for real support here. Thank you so much!
Thank you so much for your response! I followed your directions, but it took me to my “my account” tab, which said at the top, “You do not qualify for alternate address confirmation at this time.” I’ve been a member for well over 90 days, and I believe I meet all of the other requirements, with the exception that I have no idea what “buyer credibility numbers” are. I’ve bought a lot of things on eBay, so I *should* have them, right? Unfortunately, the system was severely lacking in that it simply claimed that I did not apply, without explaining why or even providing a connection to see what I could do to become qualified. This is becoming increasingly aggravating. Please assist!
The number of exclusive Verified PayPal members you’ve paid is your Buyer Reputation Number. The number of exclusive Checked PayPal members who have paid you is your Seller Credibility Number. Go to account-rep&cmd= account-rep&cmd= account-rep&cmd= account-rep&cmd= account- to see your credibility scores as a buyer and seller

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