Paypal add phone number

Paypal add phone number

How to change the phone number in paypal account

PayPal is a worldwide online payment system that is used by millions of people. Users must verify their identity by providing bank account, email, and phone number information when signing up for the service. Although it is possible to open a PayPal account without a phone number or a bank account, this prevents funds from being withdrawn, undermining the purpose of getting an account.
To deter fraud, online payment services like PayPal must provide a high degree of protection to their customers. Someone can take over your PayPal account and steal funds from you in a variety of ways.
PayPal uses two-factor authentication to verify the validity of a login attempt and protect the account from hackers. Since virtually everybody has a phone, it is the most versatile system for two-factor authentication.
Another factor PayPal needs to check any new account is to prevent fraud. Getting a phone number will help PayPal track down anyone who tries to dupe you into sending them money. Scammers may be hampered by the need for a phone number because they need time to acquire a false number.

How to update mobile number at paypal for account security

I used to be able to send money via PayPal using only my login information and the email address of the recipient. As I tried to do so today, they insisted on “verifying my identity” over the phone – in other words, they wouldn’t let me finish the transaction without a cell phone number. I did not receive their call because the number they have on file for me is my landline… so obviously they are not interested in verifying my identity by phone unless I am using a mobile phone. I’m enraged. I will stick to sending checks via snail mail; no more Paypal for me.
So I’ve been trying to log into my PayPal account with a new computer and I can’t unless I give them my phone number and they call or email me a code. Which is strange because any other website I’ve ever used offers two options if you don’t have access to a phone. It doesn’t matter if the phone number is already associated with your PayPal account because of this PayPal “protection move.” The only thing that matters is that the name on the PayPal account for the phone number you have matches the name on the phone carrier’s account. This will never work for me because I use a company account that is used by hundreds of other employees. So it says “name on account does not fit name on PayPal account” when I type in my phone number. When I contacted PayPal customer support, they advised me to contact my carrier and have my name added to the account as the primary name. First and foremost, my organization will never do anything like this, and with good reason. Second, I will never approach my company’s accounting department with such a ridiculous request.

How to bypass paypal phone verification 2020

When completing a transaction or updating your account, you may be given one or more options to verify your identity. Click Next after selecting an option. To finish the operation, follow the instructions on the screen.
Your account number will be called by an automated service. We’ll ask you to check your account’s operation. If you miss this call, select Have us call you again on the screen or press Try another way.
If you choose this option, we’ll ask you to answer a series of multiple-choice questions in order to confirm your identity. These questions are sourced from a public database and can last up to 20 years. They may be about real estate you’ve owned, places you’ve lived, or people you’ve met. The questions and answers are not saved or stored in our system. Select Try another way if you don’t want to answer these questions or if you don’t know the answers.
If you choose this choice, we’ll ask you to answer a few questions that you’ve previously answered. They may be about people you know, jobs you’ve had, or places you’ve lived. Select Try another way if you don’t want to answer these questions or if you don’t know the answers.

How to confirm cell phone number in paypal account

So if you have a family plan or an employer-provided phone number, your only choice is to get your phone number in your own name because PayPal isn’t for you? Are you implying that PayPal discriminates against families and government employees whose names will never appear on their phone bills in the event of an emergency? Shame on you, PayPal. Just by looking up this subject, I’ve discovered how many people have been affected, and I sincerely hope that none of them will ever use your service again.
PayPal doesn’t even verify the name against the phone number. With the phone in my mother’s name, I can check my account. The only reason you can’t use the number is that it was previously associated with a PayPal account, and that person no longer uses PayPal, which means he won’t change his phone number. As a result, your phone number is now registered in his name and can no longer be used. The only option is to speak with a PayPal super advisor about having the phone number linked to your name. If someone tells you that Paypal tests the phone number’s public record, they are lying. Paypal’s internal system, not public records, is verified.

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