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Congratulations to the Seniors of the Class of 2015, who won the 15th Annual Math Bowl on March 26, 2015, just before Spring Break. The following are the outcomes: 2015 is the first year of the new millennium (Seniors) 2018 is the second year (Freshmen) 2016 – 3rd (Juniors) 2017 – 4th (Sophomore) On behalf of the HS Math Department, I’d like to express my appreciation to all of the students who helped to make our 15th annual Math Bowl a big success. You are the best because of your commitment and excitement!
During lunch and after school, we are available to meet with students who have questions or need assistance with their course work/learning.
Students should inquire about daily availability.

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Job1. Vocabulary Terms #12. Business Job Titles #23. Email Websites #34. Vocabulary Terms II #45. Business Basics #56. Business Benefit Analysis #67. Connect #78. Weekly Job Assignments #89. Vocabulary Terms III #910. Business Details Assignment #1011. Agenda 10-22-1512. Sales Pitch Plan 10-19-1513. Friday Agenda #1314. Venture Capitalist Issues #1415. Agenda 11-4-1516. Ledger #1617.

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V. Vocabulary Terms V. Vocabulary Terms V. Vocabulary Terms V.

Weebly tutorial: how to create an “h1” tag in your weebly

Welcome to the North Middle Technology Department’s website. You’ll find almost everything you need for your classes on these sites. Furthermore, we hope to open your eyes to the almost limitless possibilities and opportunities that exist in the world of computer technology. So take a look around and enjoy the ride. Thank you, Your Patriot Technology Support Group To be a good student, you must have a GROWTH MINDSET. We aspire to build a healthy and rigorous learning atmosphere because we believe in this assertion. Please watch the video to the left to learn more about a growth mindset and why it’s so relevant.

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Game On: Coding for Drivers (Introduction to Coding) Question:How can I use my coding skills to make a digital game that can be used in a K-6 classroom as a learning resource? Students will be exposed to the basics of coding and game design in this course. After that, they’ll create a retro arcade game for use in K-6 classrooms. Students can use the physics engine to develop a projectile-based physics game that includes gravity, hit boxes, crashes, bouncing, static platforms, impulse, velocity, and force. They’ll learn how to make interactive scenes with actors and music, use loops to design animations, use conditional logic to construct algorithms, define and use functions with parameters, use messaging to manage programs and actors, and program fluid motion with keyboard control.

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