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How to turn off password manager in firefox and safari

You have more online accounts at home and at work than you can possibly recall. Since poor or reused passwords account for 81 percent of data breaches, it’s critical that each account have its own password. So, how are you going to remember these complicated, one-of-a-kind passwords? You can’t do it. A password manager, on the other hand, can help.
Although managing anything online is easy, extra vigilance is needed when it comes to protecting your money. Keep banking site logins in a password manager that encrypts them, and make sure each password is unique.
Your email is the core of your online life, and it’s also where you can reset passwords for a variety of accounts. You must safeguard it. A password manager can assist you in creating a good password and safely storing it.

Logmeonce password manager v6.0 : what is

LastPass Password saves passwords on its own server, encrypting them first so that they can’t be used by someone else unless you give them permission to do so. These permissions are issued using a single password, which will also serve as the key to unlocking all of the others.
Another benefit of LastPass Password is that it helps you to construct high-security passwords that you won’t have to remember because they’ll be automatically entered after you grant the necessary permissions.
LastPass Password is a versatile password manager that adds an extra layer of protection to your account management. It’s important to bear in mind that LastPass Password is not a free service.

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All of your passwords, notes, and objects are kept in the LastPass Vault, which is conveniently accessible from the left navigation. Since your Vault is a locally hosted file, you can safely and easily access the information you’ve saved. You can use directories to organize your Vault view, bulk transfer or manage objects, and manage your user account.
In the left navigation, you can quickly access your passwords, notes, and different form fill objects once you’ve opened your Vault. The categories shown in the left navigation will differ depending on which items you added first to your Vault (addresses, payment cards, bank accounts, and so on).
You can easily access your Cloud Applications, the Security Dashboard, Sharing Hub, Emergency Access (Premium and Families accounts only), Account Settings, and Advanced Options by scrolling down below your item categories.
Your Vault’s contents are sorted into folders (groups), with your Favorites and Most Recent at the top for quick access. By selecting the Grid View or List View icon from the Sort By drop-down menu, you can change how your folders present their contents. Click the Arrow icon to expand/collapse each folder’s entries individually, or click the Expand All icon to expand all of your Vault files.

Trend micro password manager – chrome/app assistant

Any other passwords you’re asked for will be from websites you visit or browser add-ons. If you can’t pinpoint the source, search for any websites that are scheduled to load every time you open your browser and try removing other add-ons/extensions.
If the above suggestions don’t work, you can allow some additional logging to help you figure out what’s causing the problem and, depending on your level of technical expertise, either provide more information when asking for help from the group or direct you through the process of finding a solution yourself.
I’m not going to put this front and center in the general troubleshooting tips because it appears to be something very unique to your method, but it’s useful to have it here as an additional thing to try, so thanks for reporting it.

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