Pass fail bu

Pass fail bu

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c. Honors/No Honors/Credit. If the coursework qualifies, second- and third-year students can register for up to eight credits of non-required coursework on a Credit/No Credit/Honors basis after first year. When a student is taking a graded seminar or course on a Credit/No Credit/Honors basis, the student must achieve a “C” or better on the graded work in order to graduate. If a student does not meet the requirement, he or she will not receive credit for the course, and it will not appear on the student’s transcript unless (c)ii) applies.
(ii) If a student earns a C– or D in a Credit/No Credit/Honors course in the final semester before graduation and the student needs credit in the course to graduate, the grade will be included in the student’s grade point average and on the student’s transcript, and the student will receive credit for the course.
(iii) At the end of the add/drop cycle, a student must choose whether to take a course for credit, no credit, or honors. After the add/drop cycle has ended, a student can choose to reverse this decision and take the course on a graded basis for an additional two weeks.

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The University is very concerned about the problems that all members of our society are facing during this unprecedented global pandemic. The University is dedicated to providing as much assistance to the entire community as possible.
We’re writing to let you know about a series of Senate decisions taken on October 30, 2020. Second, a majority of Senate members voted in favor of the Vice-President Academic of the Students’ Representative Council’s motion: In a similar fashion to the Spring 2020 semester, the University will expand the Pass/Fail (P/F) option to all courses for the Fall 2020 semester.
This means that professors can continue to grade students numerically for the rest of the semester. The deadline for submitting final grades is December 20, 2020. A student may request that a passing numerical grade be converted to a PASS after the grades have been submitted. On the transcript, numerical grades below the appropriate passing threshold will be automatically converted to FAIL. This method ensures that all students receive a numerical score, but they can also opt to receive a PASS grade if they prefer. To be eligible for this Pass-Fail option, students must fulfill all course requirements (e.g., tasks, group activities, quizzes, and exams) to the best of their ability, as stated in the Academic Calendar. The University, in partnership with the Students’ Representative Council, is committed to ensuring that students are fully informed about the possible negative effects of choosing to transform a numerical grade to a PASS. For example, students considering applying to graduate school or a professional program, especially one that is highly competitive, should probably avoid this choice.

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Q: I just got my final grades and am undecided about taking the PASS/FAIL option for one or more of my classes. Who should I contact? A: We strongly advise you to speak with your lawyer about this. If your counselor is unavailable, please contact your department’s chairperson (listing here). You may also use the GPA calculator (available here) to help you prepare for your meeting with your counselor or Chairperson.
Q: Can I change my grade to PASS/FAIL or make a change to earn the letter grade after I meet all of my program requirements and my degree is conferred?
A: No, the student’s academic record is definitive until the degree is conferred.
Q: If I meet all of my program requirements by May 2020, how will the PASS/FAIL elections type impact my degree conferral?
A: Your degree will be awarded if your PASS/FAIL election form has been submitted. Degrees cannot be awarded until either the PASS/FAIL elective form or the 3-week period has expired. The conferral of degrees will take up to 4-6 weeks, and they will be mailed to the diploma address on paper.

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BU has a pass/fail option.

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Students were offered a grade replacement for a semester that had been cut short due to a virus. Julye Wemple is a writer for the Press Enterprise. Tuesday, April 16, 2020 BLOOMSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA — Following the closure of Bloomsburg University due to the coronavirus, students will be able to choose between having a… Today is the last day to subscribe!
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