Panorama 2 review

Panorama 2 review

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A good day begins with a good night’s sleep, so while you’re on the road, you can spend wisely on your sleeping accommodations. We considered a variety of choices for our trip around Australia, from a simple swag to a full-fledged off-road camper trailer, but a roof top tent provided the ideal combination of comfort and convenience.
On their official website, the Panorama 2 costs $2199.95. This soft shell roof top tent is situated towards the premium end of the soft shell roof top tent market, and it is the most expensive of Darche’s options, sitting above the “Intrepidor 2” and the “Hi View.” Features like the stargazing sunroof, aluminum checker-plate foundation, lightweight pack down measurements, and included annex justify the extra cost.
Setup and pack-up of this tent can be done in less than 5 minutes with two people and just a little longer with a single person once you’ve become familiar with the process. The base folds in half to fit all of the bedding inside the tent, and two straps tie the halves together with a cross strap to keep the ladder in place. A rugged, weather-resistant PVC cover slides on one edge and is zipped closed on the other three sides. Finally, two straps fasten down above to keep the cover from filling up with wind when in motion.

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You won’t know how much you listen to TV with your ears until you upgrade from the built-in speakers to a high-end dedicated audio system like the Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 2. The difference between the factory-installed sound on a high-end Panasonic TV and the B&W system is astounding. To begin, you hear sound that is as flat as the screen. And, when you watch the beginning of Ratatouille on Blu-ray, you’re immediately engulfed in a torrential downpour. The frantic aerial chase in The Fifth Element is first fascinating, then thrilling. The effect of black-and-white film isn’t limited to dramatic viewing. The sound of a crowd roaring at a game excites, the sound of an intruder approaching from behind startles in a video game, and musical performances soar.
The Panorama 2 soundbar from top-tier speaker manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins is a room-filling solution in a sleek, elegant box, combining simplicity in design and configuration with stirring audio quality. The Panorama 2 is a single unit—roughly 43 inches wide—that can live above or below your TV, unlike surround-sound systems with several separate speakers. Surround-sound effects are generated by bouncing digitally processed audio off the walls around you. The most persuasive directional audio is created in a small space or from a room’s corner. You get visibility and heft in a larger area, but not the impression that a helicopter zooming in on the screen’s right is about to take off from that side of the room.

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When we first took it out of the box, the first thing we realized was how large it was. It’s so long that it wouldn’t fit on our TV rack properly, so we had to use rubber feet to get it to fit underneath our TV. After that, we opened the manual and began to unravel — in order to get the best sound out of the system, you must configure it to fit your room. Unfortunately, it lacks an automatic routine, so you’ll have to rely on the manual. To navigate the menu, you must click a set of unintuitive buttons on the remote due to the lack of an OSD. It’s a dreadful, unattractive device that threatens to detract from the overall experience if the Panorama didn’t sound so damn nice. Since there is no provision in the menus for inputting the unit’s distance from each wall, you’ll almost certainly need to place it in the center of a space, equidistant from side walls, to get the best sound.
It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t have to set it up again, and the results are very impressive. The Panorama’s sound quality is biased against movies, as is the case for most soundbars. Although some may be disappointed by the lack of HD audio decoding and even more so by the lack of a 5.1 analog input, it sounds fantastic with DVDs and the vanilla Dolby soundtracks on Blu-ray discs.

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The Bowers & Wilkins Panorama 2 Soundbar brings truly immersive high-quality sound to your TV from a single, discreet speaker, adding a new dimension to home entertainment. You won’t believe how much a single box can change things.
The drive units in the Panorama 2 are designed to spread sound as widely as possible. This large audio “sweet spot” allows the entire family to enjoy crystal-clear sound. Panorama 2’s movies and music now sound better than you ever imagined they could. All of this from a single, unobtrusive loudspeaker device.
We assume that speakers should not only sound amazing, but also be simple to set up and use. As a result, installing Panorama 2 is as simple as plugging it in. Panorama 2 has the new HDMI compatibility (three inputs and one output) to connect to the widest range of televisions, Blu-ray players, set-top boxes, and games consoles in the fastest, simplest, and highest-quality way possible.
Simply ask the engineers who create the sound for movies if Bowers & Wilkins understands movie sound. Hollywood puts music and sound to blockbuster movies in the control rooms of London’s Abbey Road Studios and California’s Skywalker Sound. They are most definitely the world’s most sophisticated multi-channel listening environments. Naturally, they both use the Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series, the world’s most sophisticated reference speakers.

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