Panda money stealer

Panda money stealer

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Depending on the target area, the messages in this campaign were translated into Dutch, German, Italian, and English. Australia and the United Kingdom were among the English-speaking nations, and subject lines included:
Investing In order to carry out man-in-the-browser (MITB) attacks, Trojans usually use web injects to intercept online banking traffic and often change banking sites on infected computers. These web injects are set up to work with specific banks in specific countries. In this case, the injects are set up for Dutch, Italian, and German banks, as well as UK online casinos and foreign online payment systems. The following sites were found to be targeted by web injects:
These web injects are a significant increase over the injects we first saw in Panda Banker in February and March. Although banks are a popular target for injects, the addition of online casinos in the United Kingdom and international payment systems like OKPay, PayPal, and Xoom vastly expands Panda Banker’s possible attack surface, as these payment systems are not constrained by geography like most banks.

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A trojan is a malicious program that masquerades as a legitimate one. They are often designed to steal confidential information from users, such as login credentials, account numbers, financial information, credit card information, and so on.
The Trojan horse ploy from the war between the Greeks and the independent city of Troy inspired Trojan malware. After a 10-year battle, the ancient Greeks were able to defeat Troy by hiding soldiers within a giant wooden horse they left behind as a gift while feigning withdrawal. The Trojans had no idea that by capturing the horse as a war prize, they were bringing an elite Greek fighting force right within their city’s walls, eventually leading to the fall of Troy. As a result, a deceptive gift came to be recognised as a Trojan Horse.
A banking trojan works in a similar way, posing as something useful or helpful to users but serving a much more dangerous and secret function. Even a smartphone app that appears to serve a legitimate function (such as a game, flashlight, or messaging service) may be a trojan that steals data. Trojans conceal their capabilities, hide components in other directories, become part of a rootkit, or use heavy obfuscation to escape detection.

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Thanks to Fox IT InTELL [3], which discovered this malware in February and helped us call it correctly in our signatures. The following review is based on our ongoing Panda Banker campaign observations.
We discovered a targeted email with a Microsoft Word attachment on March 10th (SHA: bdc912caf9b9e078bc7bd331deacae9c460c8e8893442048b9474790c52e1ab9). It takes advantage of CVE-2014-1761 and CVE-2012-0158 vulnerabilities. This email was sent to people who work in the media and manufacturing industries. When the document was successfully manipulated, it downloaded Panda Banker from 78.128.92[.]31/gert.exe, a subnet that had previously been used in other targeted attacks [1].
On March 19, we discovered a targeted email (SHA: 6dc0bd77e51eb9af143c749539bd638020d557083479bcd4c4b9639fe61eb0f8) with a Microsoft Word attachment (SHA: 6dc0bd77e51eb9af143c749539bd638020d557083479bcd4c4b9639fe61eb0 Only a few people working in financial institutions got this notice. The attachment first downloaded the “GODZILLA” loader [3], and then downloaded Panda Banker.

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