Pain is the best teacher

Pain is the best teacher

Pain can be the best teacher

My students couldn’t understand or respond to basic commands like “get a pencil” or “turn to page 5” when I first started teaching 2nd grade Humanities. Every word seemed to them to be a new one to learn. I was fortunate to be able to get by with just a few hundred one-syllable sentences!
Imagine my surprise when, after just a month of teaching them, our geography book included the word “aerial photography” in the vocabulary list! For these ESL students, it seemed ludicrously unrealistic…there seemed to be NO WAY they’d know or understand those terms! I lacked the vocabulary to even attempt to describe these terms.
That’s when a teacher’s imagination and sheer determination come into play. Step 1 is similar to the game Taboo; try to make the connection by using similar words. I began with one-syllable synonyms and a great deal of repetition. “Air, air, wind, sky, in the sky, in the air,” says the narrator. I kept repeating the words while pointing to the word “aerial” on the board.
Then I moved on to Phase 2, which is similar to the game Charades. I’d say “Air, sky, sky, air” and make hand gestures like I was flying and looking down to the ground while pointing to the ceiling. At the very least, I have their attention, even if they don’t understand what I’m doing! Then I go through the process again for the second term. As I pantomime the process of taking an image, I point to “photography” on the board and say “picture, photo, take picture, take photo.” Each word had to be said at least 50 times!

Podcast episode 99: gluten pain the best teacher

Others always believe that because I’m a psychologist, I’ve avoided the trappings of our species due to my in-depth understanding of human nature and brains. That I’ve somehow evolved to a point where I’m never mad, never struggle, and never put my foot in my mouth. Clients, teachers, acquaintances, and friends all repeat the story that the extra letters at the end of my name suggest I’ve found everything out.
I’ve noticed one common challenge that others tend to struggle with over and over again, both in my job and in my personal relationships: the complexity of recognizing the incomplete and painful makeup of human experience. It’s always a new take on the same story, with a recurring refrain implying that there’s a sanitized version of ourselves that we’re supposed to be.
According to the script, once this decontamination is completed, life will be peaceful and stress-free. Since I once believed it, I understand the power of this story. A life free of pain sounds enticing, if not tantalizing. But, as I’ve seen, a life free of pain is unattainable. There is no such thing as a life without pain.

It really hurts ( pain is the best teacher )

We must remember that pain is unavoidable. In life, we will have to experience a great deal of suffering. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in a relationship, at work, or in life. You may feel as if life is treating you unfairly and pouring out all of your misery on you, but hang in there and remember that God is with you at all times. You just need to make a submission to Him. You can depend on Him. All you do in life should be anchored to His plans, and if you do, every pain will be worth it.
God’s answer to our prayer isn’t always fast. It isn’t always clear. Most of the time, He aids us in overcoming our life’s challenges in the most subtle of ways. As a result, we must be solid. Have a solid spiritual base. You must persevere and remain certain that God is at work. The toughest people in life aren’t necessarily the ones who win their fights. People who persevere in the face of adversity, through many defeats and setbacks, are the most resilient. They are the most resilient because they realize that God is fighting for them behind those defeats and setbacks, and He will prevail sooner or later. All they have to do is trust Him.

Pain is the best teacher

It’s something I both want for you and don’t want you to have. It can be beneficial when you learn a new lesson thoroughly, but it can also be harmful if you reject the lesson that is being thrown right in your face and it will shield you from potential harm if you agree and listen to it right now.
However, a large part of me writes because I want you to become the best version of yourself – I also want you to learn from my pain so you can learn the lesson you need to know without having to go through it yourself.
I didn’t have the mental edge that an excellent athlete should have when I first started playing hockey in high school, and I was also very young for my grade, having been born on October 30th.
It’s awful when you know your team is counting on you, but you’re always afraid to go into the corner with “the big guy from the other team” because you know you’ll get smashed.
The idea of concentrating on hockey skills was brilliant, but the bodybuilding nonsense was not. I grew a lot bigger and heavier, which was perfect for appearances, but I wasn’t performing well. The scoresheets are always correct.

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