Osascript wants to make changes

Osascript wants to make changes

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“Osascript wants to control Safari” is a fictional operating system pop-up message intended to convince MacOS users to give “osascript” control over the Safari web browser. These pop-ups are caused by a variety of adware-type applications. This scam has been recorded by several users, and it should not be trusted.
Giving permission for “osascript” to monitor the Safari browser, according to this fake MacOS device post, will grant access to data and documents stored in the browser, allowing various actions to be performed through the app. Adware installers or adware-like programs are typically responsible for these fake pop-up windows. They often request access to browsers in order to make improvements to settings, resulting in unintended redirects to potentially malicious, misleading websites. Ignore the “Osascript wants to access Safari” pop-up message and do not allow it to take control of your Safari browser to prevent problems with browsing protection or privacy. If you’ve seen this pop-up, there’s a good chance your device has been infected with adware. As a result, search the list of installed applications (and browser extensions) right away and remove any suspicious entries.

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Also, if you run Activity Monitor and see osascript listed among the running apps, select it, then click the I for information icon, then click the ‘open files and ports’ tab if it has one, and the information in the top lines should indicate what is using it.
Is a VPN active during boot/launch? I ask because a fast search for the message you get brings up a lot of results from people asking about VPN communication issues. It appears to be present in Torguard, PIA, and many other VPN systems.
PS: Sometimes, starting in Safe Boot Mode and logging in, then running Disk Utility > First Aid or Repair, then restarting normally, will patch and purge those files, but it’s probably not worth thinking about.
You will see what process started it and who the owner is if you get information on the running process (select it and press the I icon in the toolbar). That would have given you a clear understanding of how things began and why.

Osascript wants to make changes online

Stelian Pilici published an article on April 1, 2020 | Browser Hijackers has been filed in the following categories: The “Apple needs to make changes” pop-up is a social engineering scam that shows a fake warning saying that Apple wants to make changes to your computer in order to trick you into downloading adware and browser hijackers.
The “Apple needs to make improvements” pop-up is a ruse designed to make you believe you need to install an update. It does this to trick you into installing an update manager that will infect your device with adware and browser hijackers.
To generate advertising revenue, less-than-reputable sites will show malicious ads that redirect your browser to the “Apple needs to make improvements” scam. Close the tab and install a free browser extension like AdGuard to block the malicious advertising if this happens. However, if you keep getting pop-ups like the “Apple needs to make changes” scam, your computer might be infected with malware, and you should search your system for adware and delete it.

Osascript wants to make changes on line

The Logitech program is most likely attempting to load the scripting addition. I no longer have any Logitech program installed, so I can’t verify where it could be hidden on my Mac. Check the manufacturer’s website to see if any program you’ve installed has an update.
I figured it was gone after downloading the El Capitan Security Update and the Logitech Security Update, but it reappeared when I restarted. The only way to prevent it from appearing is to delete the “upgrader” process from the Activity Monitor. Then osascript refuses to start —- Unless I restart, “upgrader” reappears as a process, along with osascript.

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