Openwrt port forwarding

Openwrt port forwarding

Lede / openwrt stealth router ports

In my local network, I have a NAS with Nextcloud ( For https, Nextcloud uses port 444. I got a domain ( and added my external IP to public DNS, then configured port forwarding on OpenWRT from WAN 443 => LAN It connects to the internet as well as my local network.
To make transfers go faster when using my local network, I’d like to direct all local traffic from to Is there a way to redirect all traffic from my LAN to “” with the endpoint “”?
I attempted to add “” to the OpenWRT line in /etc/hosts. Currently, it only works if I define the port in the browser, such as “,” which is not ideal.

Openwrt for beginners – full basic configuration video

Yes, but we have no idea how the game server-client communication works. It’s conceivable that the server is doing something that disengages the scope unless the client “replies” that a scope is supposed to be engaged, in which case I assume traffic will be initiated from the WAN side.
Thank you for your involvement and assistance with this topic, as well as your time. I’ll do some more research, but the game is much better now that the ports have been forwarded. I followed vgaetera’s instructions for syn flood, but I’m not sure if it helped at this point; it could have, but I have no way of knowing. the lleachii Thank you for the details about Nat; the game seemed to behave better when both options were used, but that could just be coincidence. Thank you again for your assistance; have a nice day.

Openwrt dmz configuration with port forwarding

boolean no 1 custom chains For user-generated rules, allow the development of custom rule chain hooks. User rules are usually stored in firewall.user, but some packages, such as BCP38, use these hooks as well.
Whereas stealthed ports drop packets, the probing machine (Gibson Research) has no way of knowing if those packets can hit the destination host.
name or number of the proto protocol no udp tcp Incoming traffic is matched using the protocol defined. It can be tcp, udplite, icmp, esp, ah, sctp, or all, or it can be a numeric value representing one of these protocols or a different one when using list syntax. It’s also possible to use a protocol name from /etc/protocols. The number 0 is equal to everything.
dest ip is the destination IP address (none) Redirect incoming traffic to the designated internal host for DNAT. It matches traffic directed at the provided address for SNAT. If the dest ip is not defined for DNAT, the rule is translated into an iptables/REDIRECT rule; otherwise, it is translated into an iptables/DNAT rule.

Openwrt – firewall – port forwarding and traffic rules

So, I’m planning on hosting a public Minecraft server; the only issue is that I don’t know how to port forward on LEDE. My router is a TL-WR740N, and I switched to LEDE after finding that my default firmware prevents virtual server/port forwarding on a Wi-Fi computer.
No offence, but your post title means that you are unaware of this. If you want people in the group to support you, you’ll have to be more straightforward when you ask questions. You haven’t given a clear explanation of your issue, nor have you provided any information for others to use in order to assist you. For instance, a clear explanation and screen shot of what you tried and failed to do.
You must first configure your WAN to accept incoming connections. If your modem is operating as a router and double-NATing, the modem’s firewall can block all incoming connections by design.
I was able to resolve the issue by upgrading to a different firmware; I apologize for having to create a new thread for this. I appreciate your efforts, but I believe LEDE is not for me because I am only 16 years old and my knowledge of networking/routers is limited. But don’t get mad at me; I’m aware that I’m probably dumb, and I apologize.

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