Openvpn keeps dropping connection

Openvpn keeps dropping connection

Connecting to nordvpn on linux over network manager

On an admittedly lightly loaded AMD Phenom 9650 quad core with 4GB RAM, mine is rock solid: (SSL/TLS + User Auth) Remote Access UDP 1194TLS authentication with a static key on a local Databasetun No hardware cryptocert depth one (client+server) CADH 2048AES-256-CBCSHA256no CADH 2048AES-256-CBCSHA256no CADH 2048AES-256-CBCSHA256no CADH 2048A Adaptive compression is supported. IPv4 and IPv6 tunnel networks redirect gateway NTPadvanced option: push “route-ipv6 2000::/3” internal DNS and NTPadvanced option: push “route-ipv6 2000::/3” Clients include: 13.1.5 Cyanogen OpenVPN Connect 1.1.17 for Android (build 76) Tunnelblick 3.6.6 for macOS Sierra
I found something in the I support for the OpenVPN server settings, specifically the Renegotiation Time:, by pure chance “After n seconds (default=3600), renegotiate the data channel key.
If you use a one-time password, be aware that your link will be dropped automatically if your password expires.”
I’m not sure what else could be the cause of my dropped connections if that isn’t it.
Don’t you think this side effect should be made a bit more public? It effectively means that core renegotiation and OTP are mutually exclusive, which will be a difficult decision for business users to make.

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However, some of our users began to report issues with their VPN dropping out on a regular basis at this stage. Some of these users were using Tunnelblick latest stable on openSUSE, Ubuntu 16.04, and OSX.
We also looked at whether MTU settings were to blame; the user who was experiencing significant issues discovered an article that suggested finding the highest MTU value that operated by performing a ping test and using that value as the mssfix in the config. We tried it, and he discovered that he couldn’t get ping to function until he increased his MTU to about 500, at which point the VPN wouldn’t even bind. I’m aware that this user’s internet connection is a little shaky (they’re on ADSL on some pretty bad lines), but I’d expect the VPN to be stable even on those lines.
Thanks for the information; I’ll look into making those changes; however, can they really reduce the amount of drops we’re seeing? Reading this, I get the feeling that these reforms would have a greater effect on defense than anything else.

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The problem is that Windows 10’s anniversary release clashes with OpenVPN’s TAP driver.

Fix internet gets disconnected when vpn connects

You’d assume that with Microsoft’s size and technological prowess, they’d be able to address this problem with OpenVPN.
The next move is to find out which of these interfaces is the OpenVPN adapter; it’ll be the one on the third line that says “TAP-Windows Adapter” (selected above). Make a mental note of the adapter’s name. In the example above, it’s “Local Area Link 5,” and we’ll use that name going forward, but in the commands below, substitute your own interface’s name instead, as it’s likely to be different.
We’re looking for the value “Met” (short for “Metric”). Our OpenVPN link (“Local Area Connection 5) has a metric that is higher or equal to that of other network connections. We need to make this metric’s value lower than the rest of the interfaces.
We’ll use a value of 4 because it’ll be lower than all the other interfaces in this case. Run the command “netsh int ip set interface “Local Area Link 5′′ metric=25” in the command window, substituting the OpenVPN interface you found in the first step:

Nordvpn connectivity troubleshooting on windows 10

The link is still being intermittently hung up on. The link is maintained, but requests are unsuccessful; there is normally a 15-second delay before data starts to flow again. There are no longer any mistakes in the log data.
I’m not sending or receiving massive quantities of data; I’m just browsing the internet, reading news, watching sports, and so on, and it will randomly hang for around 10-15 seconds. The relation isn’t falling or showing any signs of being messed up. I don’t think it’s a problem with the ym dd-wrt router because it’s just port forwarding for the VPN link. However, I had the same problem when using my router to host the link. Is it possible that this is due to a flaw in the Windows TAP driver?
Cr9c1 wrote:Every now and then, the relation will just drop. When I visit a website, it will pause while resolving the host, then resume working. I’ve found that I’m getting occasional HMAC decrypt errors on the server end, and I’m wondering if this happens once every hour or so…
It happens more than once an hour. Thank you for bringing the reneg-sec vector to my attention. That had not occurred to me. However, I’ve been keeping a close eye on both the server and client log files to see if anything notable appears when the link hangs and nothing is being logged. The renegotiation of the keys has appeared in the log file before, but not at a time when I was having this problem. So, in summary, I’m mostly connecting from one location, but I had a problem at a different location within the physical cable network where my VPN server is located.

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