Okta password management

Okta password management

Okta product demos | password policies

1Password is a “password manager and safe wallet for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android,” according to the developers. For Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, 1Password is the best password manager and stable wallet. Passwords can be securely generated, stored, and filled, among other things. Okta, on the other hand, is defined as providing “enterprise-grade identity management for all your applications, users, and devices.” With instant access to thousands of pre-built integrations and the ability to add apps to the network yourself, you can connect all of your apps in days, not months. Integrations are simple to set up, track, and fix, and they handle authentication and provisioning.

What is okta? single sign-on, multi-factor authentication

This document explains how to use Okta’s multi-factor authentication services to authenticate the privileged users’ sessions with One Identity Safeguard for Privied Sessions (SPS).
One Identity Safeguard for Privileged Sessions (SPS) manages privileged access to remote IT networks, keeps track of activities in searchable, movie-like audit trails, and guards against malicious behavior. SPS is a plug-and-play business platform that operates with existing networks and is entirely independent of clients and servers. It collects the activity data needed for user profiling and forensic investigations, as well as allowing full user session drill down.
Until users can access sensitive IT properties, SPS acts as a central authentication portal, enforcing strong authentication. SPS will link to remote user folders to address community memberships for nonpublic information users. SPS’s local credential store or a third-party password management system can be used to retrieve passwords for accessing information systems in a straightforward manner. This approach preserves password security by preventing users from accessing them. When used in conjunction with Okta (or another multi-factor authentication provider), SPS redirects all connections to the authentication method, allowing the user to access the information system after successful authentication.

Okta | secure your end users with our identity cloud

Okta is the leading identity management company for businesses of all sizes. Organizations can use the Okta Identity Cloud to securely link the right people with the right technology and services at the right time. Our customers can quickly and safely utilize the best technology for their company with over 6,000 pre-built integrations to applications and infrastructure vendors. Okta is trusted by over 6,100 companies, including 20th Century Fox, JetBlue, Nordstorm, Slack, and Twilio, to protect their customers’ and employees’ identities.
For organizations adopting and building for cloud and mobile, Okta Single Sign-on is part of a full identity and access management system that helps them control costs, achieve user productivity goals, and avoid security risks.
Unlike legacy Federation and Access Management systems, Okta Single Sign-on is a lightweight, simple-to-implement solution that securely links the staff, contractors, and customers to all of their cloud and on-premises applications from all of their devices.

Self-service password reset for active directory | adaxes

End users can change their passwords in the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub app, Workspace ONE app, and web portal by going to Settings and clicking the Change Password connection. When Okta applications are combined with Workspace ONE Access, Okta handles the password change instead of Workspace ONE Access.
Password policies installed in the Okta Admin console are applied when users update their passwords. When users enter a password that does not fit the policy, the password policy is shown by default on the Change Password tab.

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