Offerup not working

Offerup not working

How to use offerup to buy or sell anything online

Hi there, @OfferUpSupport Why did you close my account without notice or explanation just as I was about to make two local sales? You guys blacklisted me with our notice or justification after I had what seemed to be a promising start to a small reselling company. I am in a terrible mood.
@offerup is no longer able to send messages. Is it likely that a recent message violates group standards? Please examine my messages; there is no way I broke any rules. Please correct as soon as possible because I am in the middle of a discussion with a seller. [email protected] is my email address.
Hello @offerup and @1etgo_, this is how the latter’s logo appears on the Apple Store in full color and grayscale. I knew it was bad the moment I saw it in full color, because something so unpleasant to look at is incredibly difficult to read for people who are color blind. Please correct! @OfferUpSupport Your online help page needs to be updated. I’ve been trying for days to inform you that my account has been compromised and my email address has been updated. Your website, though, does not permit the submission of complaints. Could anyone please email me as soon as possible?

Banned from offerup

It isn’t fair to me that I shipped an item and didn’t get paid because offerUp cancelled the payment due to a mistake or probably a lack of manpower at the post office, and THEY did not process it within the three-day timeframe specified by offerUp.
This has happened to me twice in the last two weeks, and I’m hesitant to sell anything else on offerup.
Customer Reaction
Tuesday, February 2, 2021
This case has come to a conclusion. Offerup confirmed that it was a carrier issue, and that my payment had been deposited and cleared. Thank you very much for your assistance. Problems with a product or service are the most common form of complaint. Status: Completed 22nd of January, 2021 There is no way to access a live person by phone.
The offer was deceitful. They activated my account, but one of the 12 things I had mentioned received a message from a potential buyer (my 200 plus items have been removed). They disabled my account without giving me any reason or warning. Others should be warned of delivering bad customer service. I’m not sure what I did because the things I mentioned meet their guidelines and policies after reading them.

How to fix can’t install offerup error on google play store in

If everyone was a confirmed member and no fakes or frauds were allowed, OfferUP would be ten times better. Normally, my inventory will be flying off the shelves for sale, but recently, it has been laying dormant due to all these fake people mole on here like collectors and whomever else that doesn’t belong on here. I haven’t made a sale on here because it seems as though anyone is telling people not to buy anything, it’s just not the same, but I can tell you this, if given the chance, I will make this site one hundred percent better. I’m a survivor and someone who stands up for what I believe in; I’m not someone who takes the easy way out; those are the ones who made the mistakes in the first place. I’m 36 and looking for a job in a profession that I know I can help develop, so if any job opportunities arise, please let me know. Sorry I can’t see my writing for some reason, but how fully this finds someone with authority or in charge of hiring or building OfferUP to be a much better site, I’m sure you’re fully capable of doing it yourself, but a little help from the right person(s) will never hurt. God bless you, and please don’t ever sell out your freedom. Thank you so much.

Offerup account not working

History of the Offerup Website

Offerup not working in landscape on ipad after

The graph above depicts service status operation over the last 10 automated checks. The answer time is shown by the blue bar, which is easier when it is smaller. If no bar is shown for a certain period, the service was unavailable and the platform was unavailable.
Time DateTimePing
Time DateTimePing
22:0212.35 ms on April 2, 2021.
03.04.2021 01:3312.45 milliseconds
05:516.03 ms, 03.Apr.2021
03.04.2021 13:248.61 milliseconds
15:546.26 ms, 03.Apr.2021
03.04.2021 19:2311.82 milliseconds
03.04.2021 21:4112.85 milliseconds
03.04.2021 23:466.86 milliseconds
04/04/2021 02:116.86 milliseconds
04/04/2021 06:1516.61 milliseconds
* The times shown are in Pacific Time (UTC/GMT 0) | The time on the server now is 06:26. We used our server to ping the Offerup website, and the website returned the above results. There’s nothing you can do except wait if is down for you as well. Because of a network error, outage, or ongoing website maintenance, the server is most likely overloaded, down, or unreachable…
A Domain Name System (DNS) identifies a website’s IP address (192.168.x.x) with words (*.com) to make it easier to remember, similar to a phonebook for websites. Your ISP is normally the one who provides this service.

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