Ocean solution reviews

Ocean solution reviews

Ocean saver glass cleaner drops – product review

Recently, I was approached by someone who wanted to start selling the OceanGrow fertilizer and asked me to lead a research team that would conduct scientific tests to determine whether the OceanGrow fertilizer has any value. I learned a lot about this fertilizer and its true potential as an organic solution and replacement for conventional fertilizers after reading its webpage and conducting an in-depth analysis of scientific literature on the subject. In today’s article, I’d like to talk about this fertilizer, which can be used in soil or hydroponics, and share my thoughts as a scientist as well as what the latest scientific evidence says about the efficacy of this and related items.
The OceanGrown fertilizer is simply sea water that has been concentrated – most likely via reverse osmosis – to produce a fertilizer that is expected to replenish minerals lost in soil and provide plants with 90 elements for adequate and safe development. The website has a pseudo-science feel to it, with no objective scientific evidence provided and all claims based on “facts” that have not been confirmed scientifically. For example, the website claims that elements in sea water are in “ideal concentrations,” despite the fact that no one has proven that such nutrient concentrations are ideal, and no research has been performed to determine if micronutrient concentrations in sea water are ideal for plant development.

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OceanSolutionTM 2-0-3 is a liquid organic fertilizer that boosts soil fertility naturally. This product, which is made from OS PURE and contains added (naturally sourced) Nitrogen and Potassium, helps your plants to absorb more micro and macronutrients for improved growth, health, and nutrition.
It also replenishes depleted soils by releasing essential nutrients that have been lost over time!
More macronutrients are delivered to your plants immediately, resulting in healthier plants and soil. It’s even perfect for hydroponics! There are no stains or clogs in the processes. Usage Instructions: Stir or shake vigorously. Apply one ounce of OS 2-0-3TM to leaves or roots in one gallon of filtered water. Every 7-10 days, re-treat!

Best organic sea fertilizer that you can eat!

It is deserving of a high rating due to the documentary’s high quality. It’s very well done, with a lot of data that’s easy to grasp because everything is well explained. The documentary itself would not cheer you up; on the contrary, we are all experiencing how we are slowly, if you may call a century slowly in earth’s time, destroying our world by polluting it like there is no tomorrow. The only option is to recycle. Plastic should be banned entirely, but we all know that’s utopian because there’s so much money involved. The pessimistic reviewers on here only show that stupidity is all around us, and it’s not going to get any better as the world’s population grows to ten billion people by 2050, resulting in massive amounts of pollution. I’m glad I don’t have any children.
I mostly enjoyed the documentary, but it could have been better made. It should, in my view, be all about the plastic in the ocean per se, the direct and indirect effects, the study cases (of which there are thousands), and less about human self-destruction with garbage, as it was in the first chapter (2nd part). Overall, this documentary is a 50/50 mix of solid science evidence of the harm that plastic does to our environment/future, and opinion journalism. I don’t mind the views, but the majority are uninformed, and there are a few scientific mistakes sprinkled throughout. Even, I give it a good rating because I believe it will succeed in showing people what our careless actions can do to the world and, in the long run, to ourselves! It’s something I’d suggest, but be mindful of certain sensasionalistic viewpoints.

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